By Anonymous / Wednesday 8 June 2016 02:09 / United States - Brooklyn
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  ragnarok1540  |  37

Well played, sir! Do you by any chance host the annual Miss Headmaster competition?

The first runner up is OP's mom ... and Miss Headmaster 2016 is Miss Veronica Caukgobbla, for her tantalizing acrobatic skills in the talent competition and excellent performance on the oral exam!

By  arano  |  29

Even if it is your parents, it's still a pretty funny joke. My parents say jokes like this all the time. I find them hilarious. As long as you don't keep the mental image for too long...


Today, the cute receptionist at a restaurant asked for our coats. I call my trench coat my "tent", due to its size. When I handed it over, I jokingly said, "I have a tent for you!" She started blushing and stuttering, and it wasn't until later that I realized "tent" is a synonym for "boner". FML

By Awkwarddinner - / Thursday 6 April 2017 12:30 /
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