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  Bludmagnus  |  13

The reason why he was talking about it is the myth that has been perpetuated that if you are over (or under) a certain age, you are allowed to get away with anything like it was if you were doing so in the privacy of your own home. Talking about gross stuff, gratuitous PDA's (especially when you are under the age to be having them), and wearing clothing that would make Paris Hilton or Bree Olson tell the girl to put some clothes on are just three examples. The old man most likely, if someone told him to please not talk about it, would have looked at them like they pissed in his coffee and would have said something to the effect of: "I'm old and I can make everyone so sick they cannot eat because I'm an old fart and I don't give a shit about anyone else but me."

By  InBetweenDreams  |  0

The only IHOP in Canada is in Niagara Falls. :( I wish we had one closer... the commercials make it look amazing lol.

And yeah, that's pretty gross. Who wants to hear about that while eating? Yuck...