By pchis4ever - United States
Today, I was eating at KFC when my roommate unexpectedly showed up. He asked me who I was there with, and I told him I was on a sexy date with his mom. Just then a woman 5 feet away turned around and gave me a disgusted look. Guess whose mom was in town visiting for the weekend? FML
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  The_Pleb  |  0

Ill let you finish midnight eyes, but i personally still find "your mom" jokes funny.

So tell yo mom that she still owes me for last night.

Thankyou come again

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

KFC is great, if you get a nice one.

As for the "your mom" jokes - nicely placed they can be hilarious. The key to any good joke is good timing.
However, OP fails because even if she wasn't there, that wouldn't even be remotely funny. Especially in a KFC.
Though I have to wonder why the room mate would ask who he was there with. What, people can't eat alone anymore?

  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

My mom would not have been offended. And the fact that the roommate's mom WAS there is what really made the joke worthwhile anyhow. Imagine how lame it would have been otherwise.

  xladylarienx  |  18

Wait - the way I read that was that OP's mom was sitting there... Now I'm confused! Dammit, just tell us whose mom it was and don't have us guessing!! :P

Oh and yeah, you're a douche.


Why was _THE_MASTER_'s comment moderated? I remember it only saying that the OP should take his way of wording the FML to MLIA. Nothing against the rules, nothing offensive that warranted moderation.

Have those 4 letters become the Voldemort of FML? "Site that must not be named"
oh noes, baddd ju-ju

By  perdix  |  29

A woman who eats at KFC is disgusted by the prospect of being with you? You must be disgusting.

Tell her where you want to put your face, and you like that area to be Extra Crispy. She'll change her mind ;)