By maximumpower - United States
Today, I was eating at a restaurant in town, when this small boy starts looking at me. I simply smiled and went back to eating, only to hear out of the corner of my ear, "Daddy, why does that kids face look like that"? He said it so loud 3 tables next to us turned and looked. FML
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  caligurls  |  0

awww this made me feel so bad, I'm so sorry OP! forget what little kids say about u because the only person who can judge te way you look is you, even if u have a huge rainbow mohawk and piercings in ur eyes because that's what u like. remember all those assholes, including little kids and older, have no business in ur life and the only reason they would make fun of u is because they r jealous of u. u have ur own looks and views, and life was meant for u to lead the way. hope the food at the restaraunt was good:)

  SpicyDuck  |  22

47 was only correcting the phrase knowing it doesn't work in this sentence. But really, corner of your ear? When you see something from the corner of your eye that's generally where your line of sight ends, like a corner. You can't see behind you unless you turn around. You can hear things all around you, so your hearing has no corners..

By  amelinat  |  0

#2 Have you not heard of peripheral hearing? You are right though, ears are round an don't have corners.

OP Kids say stupid things, I'll bet the nosey people that turned to look we're all 'what the hell? whos face looks like what now?'

  aqmalone  |  21

or maybe you can just teach them not to be like that? sure, kids sometimes say things they probably shouldn't, but a lot of it is what the kid learns from its parents