By SillyScotsman - United Kingdom - Hamilton
Today, I was eating an ice cream cone, when I felt something drop onto my bottom lip. Assuming it was a piece of ice cream, I quickly pulled it into my mouth. After a sharp sting to my tongue, I spat it out. It was a bee. FML
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Depending on how they're eating the ice cream, their bottom lip could be numb from the cold at this point, so they couldn't really be able to differentiate between the bee and the ice cream. I dunno about anyone else, but whenever I eat an ice cream cone or a popsicle or something, my lips go sort of numb!


Yeah, I agree with answer #1. And besides I made the same mistake…well sort of. Something landed on my ice cream and I didn't know what it was so a 5 year old me reached out to touch it.
Stuff like that happens