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You better bee screaming for ice cream now.

At least you didn't swallow it!!!


At least you didn't swallow it!!!

Just thinking about a bee in the throat really stings.

Then you're a sharp one, #62.

I wish everybody would just buzz off with these lame bee puns.

Bee-hive yourselves!

one of those rare instances where you thank God you're not a swallower

#74 has shown his true stripes.

You better bee screaming for ice cream now.

I scream you scream...

I don't think you quite caught on 49..

Bee patient 67 they'll catch on soon

@67 I got it, but I dont think anyone got my reference. Look deeply it relates.

I see what you did there :D

You really should bee more careful, OP.

I don't think most people pay close attention to what is on their mouths while eating. Especially when they're eating something that melts.

8- I think you didn't notice the pun in that comment

I also dont think bees melt so it'd bee pretty obvious...

I hate bee stings, soo much...

How can you not tell the difference between ice cream and a bee?l

Because it's rather hard to look at your bottom lip.

But ice cream wouldve been cold though.

Depending on how they're eating the ice cream, their bottom lip could be numb from the cold at this point, so they couldn't really be able to differentiate between the bee and the ice cream. I dunno about anyone else, but whenever I eat an ice cream cone or a popsicle or something, my lips go sort of numb!

Funny how a insect can be as cold as ice cream in summer. But we believe you.

Last time I had an ice cream I'm pretty sure it wasn't buzzing inside my mouth. Not that difficult to figure out something was alive and moving in there.

Yeah, I agree with answer #1. And besides I made the same mistake…well sort of. Something landed on my ice cream and I didn't know what it was so a 5 year old me reached out to touch it. Stuff like that happens

At least you still have your icecream to sooth the sting :)

well on the bright side you have a new tongue piercing

At least you aren't allergic to bees..or are you allergic to them?

At least I didn't down vote your comment... Or did I?