By homedoggieo - United States
Today, I was eating a croissant. After eating half of it and about to take another bite, a spider crawled out of one of the holes of flaky deliciousness and descended down a thread of web to the table, where it scuddled away. There was a whole family of them living in there. FML
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  Corrupt_Tears  |  0

I guess you didn't hear the one about the homeless guy putting his dirty laundry in with someone elses clean clothes to dry. This reminds me of this story I heard on tv recently. A person had her bathroom cieling covered in spiders.

  redsox112  |  0

yeah do u realize in sugar manufactures get like tons of spiders/bugs that crawl in the industrial sized bins and get smashed into the sugar and other products mmmm kool aid, oh yeah

  idkhaha  |  4

First of all it doesn't say OP was at a resturaunt, and second, if it was just cooked the spiders couldn't possibly be alive inside it. The heat would've killed them.

  knaevery  |  17

No, actually, 4th.

And OP... That's the scariest thing I've ever read. Reminds me of the time I started eating a cookie and looked at the packet and saw the maggots crawling around. I then noticed the sensation of something squirming in my mouth. And when I went to wash out my mouth, I felt something on my foot and looked down to see a giant spider crawling up my leg.
It wasn't a good day.

By  w00t_fml  |  0

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was axctually seriously in the middle of eating a fresh croissant as I read through the new FML's like every morning during breakfast.


I once bit into a cockroach that was in a croissant - from a highly reputable place, too.

Oh you poor thing...URGH