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Today, I was dumped. I ran home and cried and ranted on and on to my mother. After about 10 minutes of talking, she threw a book at my face and said, "No wonder he dumped you! You can't shut up!" FML
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Just shut the hell up and don't be all full of drama

Were you talking for 10 minutes straight or was it a conversation? If you really ranted for 10 minutes you deserve it. Sorry about your break up, but come on, your mom shouldn't have to suffer.


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Constructive criticism. Learn from it.

haha She's probably right!!

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OP probably wasnt putting out enough...& the mom hasnt had any action for so long she took it out on her daughter...(lifes about sex)....

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#2, You can do better with your grammar please.

Yeah, you can do better than that mum! Dump her and get a new one, OP! *facepalm*

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31: You have nothing better to do? Really? Pull the stick out of your ass. You're not the most perfect one at grammar either. I've read some of your comments that you have fucked up in the grammar department, meaning you have no room whatsoever to be correcting other people.

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27^^ niceee picture..

31, 'do better' isn't necessarily grammatically correct; her grammar was correct, she just failed to properly spell her words in full. thanks, troll ya later

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Really #79? Not spelling out the whole the word technically means she doesn't know how to use grammar properly. So before you try and troll me, 'do better' is grammatically correct. It's saying #2 can do better with her grammar.

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79.. they both said 'do better'

I mean, damn

Yeah, I mean I get annoyed like the rest of us but to throw a book.....was it paperback? But full fledged book FYL, God I would've just shut the door, headphones, get a beer! You know, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Now you know to only cry to those who truly care. Your bf just wanted sex and your mom was just doing her duty that's why they broke.

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YDI for whining!

I really hope you never have kids and ditto to all who thinks this is okay.

you're an asshole. this site is for people who wanna whine. don't come here if you don't wanna see people whine

hahahahaha #44 sooo true

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lol. you got to love ur mom. ydi

Wow that's harsh fyl op :(

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wow! your mother needs a chill pill, and u need to find another guy , !!without no drama be thankful he's gone .

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sounds like she's the cause of the drama LOL

Just shut the hell up and don't be all full of drama

Its called life...

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Sounds about right.

YDI for having Justin Beiber's voice.