By emix - United States
Today, I was dropping my new boyfriend off at his house. I had never been there before, so he was giving me directions as I drove. We passed a small trailer home on the right. I commented without thinking, "I'm so glad I don't live in a house like that." My boyfriend told me to turn right. FML
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  surreal  |  0

hahaha, i totally laughed at that too. oops!

but personally i think it was an honest mistake. no offense but who WOULD want to live in a trailer?


People who LIVE IN A TRAILER. Guess what,idiot? Living in a trailer costs more initially than living in a house because they either have to buy the land the trailer sits on or lease it IN ADDITION to paying for the trailer then connecting the sewage system,wiring it and after all that paying for utilities. I'm sure there are other costs like the cost of hauling the trailer to its destination. Maybe if you actually had a brain, you won't ask such an asinine question.

  Redneck325Ci  |  0

Because of the land that you get when buying one unless you lease the land. Also, most of them are bigger and nicer on the inside then an apartment. Although I've never lived in one, I've been in one. I've always lived in a house though...because I still live with my parents. Lol

  itsnotfair  |  0

*THAN an apartment. not THEN
People need a grasp of the English language
Sorry , but the stereotype is that poor people live in a trailer..Hence the term 'trailer trash'. They buy cheap land and can't afford to build a house so they buy a trailer; either that or they rent a trailer and own neither the trailer nor the land. You're deluded in thinking it's more comfortable than an apartment.

  Redneck325Ci  |  0

Go live in a trailer and then come back and say it's not more comfortable. I'm not disagreeing with you though, because I've always lived in a house, but still. Don't be judgmental unless you know for a fact.