By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was driving my car like any ordinary day. My dad has been harping on me about not checking the oil, so I finally checked it. Driving down the road my hood flew up and shattered my windshield. I forgot to latch my hood after checking the oil. $300 for a new windshield. The oil was fine. FML
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By  whudafxup  |  0

I think that along with a driving test, a "Simple car care 101" test has to be taken too in order to have a licence. If you can't take care of your car you shouldnt have one !

  Exsequor  |  14

To the people down voting, this comment makes perfect sense. All newer cars (I have no idea exactly when it started) have a secondary hood latch. You have to both pull a lever in the car, and physically open a latch on the hood, exactly to avoid this. OP's car must be quite old to not have that feature.

By  rukusrazor  |  0

Ummm. fail. Only way that happens is on a freeway, and it would be shaking dramatically with wind getting under it. There is no way you would miss that. Honestly, I've done it.. but it didn't flip up, it was still on the latch.

  thatpoorchap  |  3

My car is a 78 nova. Before I finally adjusted the hood it would come up all the time right at 40 mph. But the latch always caught it. That said I have seen one come up at 20 mph.

By  Jaxro  |  6

I've actually seen this happen to people.

and #4 I have driven with my hood unlatched on the highway. Im notorious for hitting hood latch instead of my trunk when I go to put things in it. Anywho, it doesnt shake dramatically, mine is hardly noticeable.