By Kelavmeister - United States
Today, I was driving home from school, when I saw this girl I like walking home. Trying to be polite, I pulled over and asked if she wanted a ride. After my offer, I was rejected as she said "No, I'm actually already home," and walked up the nearest driveway... MY driveway. FML
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By  SuperAsianPie  |  0

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  Kface_stain  |  0

why? because she didn't want a ride home from some boy with a crush? she prob cautches him staring at her all the time and was scared or creeped out. this is something I would do and prob have.

  tencalories  |  3

really? let's not assume he's a stalker that's just stupid just because he likes her doesn't mean he's a creep and he was probably just being nice not even because he liked her just cause he's not
a dbag

By  Minorchord  |  4

So then you pulled into the same driveway, because it's your house and you were going home...?

And just because she said that doesn't mean she was creeped out or anything, she might have just felt uncomfortable and didn't want to create an awkward situation.

By  AK  |  2

Sucks to be the girl, but she deserved it.