By hello higher premiums, fuckwad - 25/08/2013 16:23 - Canada - Montréal

Today, I was driving down a one-way street, when some raging dumbass came screaming the wrong way down the road at me. My instant reaction was to brake and give the guy a chance to do the same. His instant reaction was to keep going and wreck my car. FML
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FelKysier 7

This is why there should be an IQ test when you apply for a driver's license.

MissWhitneyB 17

Smh. Anyone can get a license these days


FelKysier 7

This is why there should be an IQ test when you apply for a driver's license.

hcollins1 18

17, I'm pretty sure there are actual driving instructors everywhere, almost anyone can pass a driving test. What they meant was when you are testing for permit or license, their IQ should be tested as well.

Yes I know what they meant. I'm not disagreeing.

nurchok 15

I think what #17 was trying to say is that there are some asshole instructors that will fail you the first and sometimes the second time and then eventually pass regardless of your drivings skills. There are few of those, but they (unfortunately) exist. I think there should be an IQ and ethics test for the instructors as well...

You know what? I'm really not surprised that this took place in Quebec. I live in this stupid province and I can tell you honestly that most people seriously don't know how to drive. They don't use their turn signals, they don't slow down so you can merge into another lane, they just keep powering through like they own the dang roads. FYL OP.

I don't think their should be an IQ test because

59 - Quebec drivers, especially Montreal drivers, are NOTORIOUSLY terrible. In a lot of ways it's made me a better driver to have to be on my toes all the time here, but damn people just don't give a shit. I've almost been killed I don't know how many times. My Dad used to drive trucks and said he never understood how idiots in tiny cars think it's okay to cut off a giant eighteen wheeler. If a truck hits you, YOU ARE DEAD. It'd be a miracle for you to survive, but people act like they're invincible.

You think Quebec drivers are bad in Quebec u should see them in Ontario. Tickets given in Ontario didn't show up on a Quebec drivers license or licenseing until recently so they were almost as bad as the red plates

OP is suppose to move off the road in that scenario.

#28 I'm pretty sure my driving class was entirely online, and my dad signed a paper saying I was able to drive and I walked out of the DMV with my license without taking a physical driving test. Some places don't require it, or at least didn't for a large amount of years.

MissWhitneyB 17

Smh. Anyone can get a license these days

iLike2Teabag 27

Gru voice: "apparently you got your driver's license from a cereal box!?"

Even if you can't speak or read English

My drivers test was easier than every test I've took in the last year which isn't saying much. The test should be a bit more challenging. Mine lasted 4 minutes and was on a one lane street the whole time.

Inediblepeaches 15

37- Im pretty sure there are cars in Italy, Japan, Germany, and other non-English speaking countries.

52, are you perhaps insinuating that being in a non English speaking country grants you the same rights to drive as English speaking ones? Shame on you sir.

nurchok 15

Sorry OP :/ make sure you get the guys info and get your money back for the damages!

ShittyBikes 6

Even so, look at OPs username

FYL OP. I think drivers should be more careful.

Not everyone deserves to drive, that's for sure.

Are you trying to plug Allstate here?

AnOriginalName 19

I sure hope someone was there for OP, like a good neighbor would be.

Forget Allstate. State Farm all the way.

#26 I prefer Progressive, that way, I could go with the Flo.

mvc3ftw 17

You people are forgetting Afflack (hopefully i spelled it right, please correct me if i'm wrong.) I'd wanna chill with the duck.

wingedangel123 8

What, did he bribe his instructor to give him the licence or something? Geez...

Well your clear for being smart...he's probably screwed if the cops came by to check it out...hope you have new car replacement if its totaled...

Clear for being smart? The accident wasn't legally OP's fault because OP was not going the wrong way down a one-way street. But practically speaking, just braking wasn't enough, so wasn't smart enough -- the safe move is to also get out of the way of oncoming traffic, even when that oncoming traffic is in the wrong. Op didn't, so he and his car weren't clear of an accident.

clearly you aren't familiar with the rules of chicken. you're bad OP. you're bad.