By squirrels69ing - United States
  Today, I was driving back home with my mom when we saw two squirrels having sex in the road. I told her to just honk the horn. She said that I was being selfish, that sex is a beautiful thing, and that we should let them finish. We sat there for at least five minutes. FML
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  lunaXXdennice  |  0

this reminds me of one day I went to the zoo and saw two monkeys having sex and a five year old asked 'daddy why are they fighting?' and his dad was gone ^^so while I was helping him go get help I had to explain him everything... -.- I was a teacher for 6 minutes

  sweetkitty26  |  0

that's sad.. not even all humans lat 5 minutes
I guess squirrels got better stamina then us..oh wat duh they're squirrels.. they practically defy gravity
Squirrels are awesome.