By squirrels69ing - 22/05/2011 01:00 - United States

Today, I was driving back home with my mom when we saw two squirrels having sex in the road. I told her to just honk the horn. She said that I was being selfish, that sex is a beautiful thing, and that we should let them finish. We sat there for at least five minutes. FML
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jewknowit710 2

some one is jealous that they arent getting any action... lol

aleclikestacos 8

you should have honked to save them from getting hit by another car and also to save you time.


ah! what a beautiful thing! humping squirrels! nothing gets better than that! *sarcasm*

Matty1188 6

Why is it gross? That's how all warm blooded animals reproduce.

yes but not in the middle of the road.

it's like publicly getting it on... but add lots and lots of fur....ew

18 - Hello, I'm sorry I didn't make squirrels as intelligent as humans. Your best friend, God.

lmaoooooooo it's okay, do better next time!

it's very normal for animals to get it on publically . do you think they care about you watching them ?

I hope you recorded it for later. and if you didn't have a recording device at least save it in your wank bank.

yea is normal, just funny lol

13yearoldboy 0

5 minutes?? I woulda whipped out some popcorn and a pair of binoculars! lol

lmao and taped it, for proof, not for any other reasons....

Just for the record, I'm surprised someone didn't try to run them over...

18,have you never had sex in public? thats the best way to do it.

Hey God, thanks a whole bunch for rapturing me.

I need to give to thanks for Satan for rapturing me as well. Hail Satan!

Kn0wledge123 21

Did this remind anyone else if that rat sex scene from Bad Boys 2?

chuck is a sexy man

er, that was directed at #85

this reminds me of one day I went to the zoo and saw two monkeys having sex and a five year old asked 'daddy why are they fighting?' and his dad was gone ^^so while I was helping him go get help I had to explain him everything... -.- I was a teacher for 6 minutes

aleclikestacos 8

you should have honked to save them from getting hit by another car and also to save you time.

There were just wrestling.

Ok, really? 'There' isn't even a homonym of 'They'.

daltreix 3


I love the Beatles!

monkeebalz 0

i would have kicked her out on the road and ran all three of their asses over

JacksonCampbell 9

Or just get out and chase 'em away....

oh dear me, not five minutes.

Lol!! Some girls at my school joked about that!

jewknowit710 2

some one is jealous that they arent getting any action... lol

that's what I said, she's just jealous they last longer than her ( and maybe her boyfriend )

or that their partner doesn't last as long

CateXOX 0

OP's a guy.

gamenick94 1

you spelled someone wrong

well.. that's how the life cycle works. though I'm sorry your mom made you watch.

iReadFmlsFml 0

Maybe OP's mom is hinting something? :P

what's op and pm stand for on fmylife,?

lolwutguy 0

op means optical pretender and pm means penis massage

OP means "original poster"

At least she was right about the sex part..

let get this right op's mother forced op to watch squrriel porn ??? yea sex part is ok but cmon who wants to watch ANY animal sex with your mother ?

Is your mom ok dude? Because that's something you don't see everyday. lmao

Oh noes, 5 whole minutes? What a waste of precious time. Just enjoy the squirrelfucking dude, maybe even get some inspiration.

Squirrel position, ftw!

that's sad.. not even all humans lat 5 minutes I guess squirrels got better stamina then us..oh wat duh they're squirrels.. they practically defy gravity Squirrels are awesome.

Loaffer 2


FYLDeep 25

You should have just reached over and honked the horn. If you're quick about it, I doubt your mom could stop you.

well you can say the same thing to her when youre prego

KristinaKreme 0

I think a better comment would be when he gets someone else pregnant. :)

katsteak 0

thats why it would have been beautiful cause he got prego (: