By Anonymous - 26/04/2013 14:50 - United States

Today, I was driving and a cute guy was staring at me. Flattered, I smiled at him, but he didn't even react. I realized he wasn't admiring me he was admiring my truck. This is the 5th time this week. My truck gets more game than I do. FML
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I think you mean "has more game."

Many women get offended when men stare at their headlights.


I think you mean "has more game."

Don't be a third wheel. Just fake a phone call and leave the two alone. The truck wouldn't even be in that situation without you, so just take pride in your wingman abilities and back away.

Yeah, not many people can say they got a truck laid.... probably

Same problem here, my truck keeps pulling chicks and its like I'm just in for the ride.

I'm sure he would love to hop in the rear and take a ride.

I've heard of a pick-up truck but this is ridiculous.

tjv3 10

Tell him he can drive it if he takes you for a ride first

"gets more action" could also be a possibility... Either way OP clearly doesn't know the meaning of those terms meaning either a) she's too old or b) out of touch and has no game so it's not like she'd get any action anyway.

Hey I can't blame him I find myself drooling over a nice Ford every once in a while

I was going to like your comment, until you said Ford...

rg350dx 29

Idk man, have you ever seen a raptor? Oooooo nelly! The things I would do to that tailpipe...

spekledworf 18

With the except of the Raptor, I love my Chevy's. But op's gotta learn that this isn't such a bad thing. Trucks are guy magnets, I use mine to pick up guys.

I hope you mean that literally, otherwise is that like the only way you pick up guys...?

Anyway I really don't see what's so great about trucks....I drove a Lightning before I swapped over to a GTO, and I have to admit muscle cars are just amazing! Never looked back.

spekledworf 18

No I use my motorcycle as well. It's my back up plan

Definitely ford all the way

Raptors have problems with the frame bending cause they didn't do the lift right

Octwo 16

Nothing wrong with ford, I'd drive an F150 any day. Though I prefer my sporty car.

The new ford atlas is a sexy beast but a GTO is so much better.

Fords are lame

I like trucks but muscle cars have it in my book. I use to be a Chevy man till I got into drag racing. I still like Chevys, but big block hemi motors put out more power than its competition hands down. Just look it up and see what motors are used in Nitro methane cars, ( top fuel dragster, funny car), as well as Alcohol dragsters and funny cars.

Ford means Fix Or Repair Daily lol

#65 Chevrolet means Constantly Has Every Vehicle Recalled Over Lousy Engineering Techniques.

Dodge all the way

You should put a dent in that truck, that'll show it

wlddog 14

Or she could put a truck bra on the front of her ride. Course then the truck would just be more of a tease than it already is.

Or she could take a big, green, shiny shit on it. Nobody wants to look at that.

One damn good truck.

i bet it because you have one nice lookin tail gate ;)

narkill 13

Looks like you need to stop giving your truck some torque and focus on you a little bit.

Trucks are hot. Except it, I had to:)

I'm going to assume you meant accept.

Which episode is that? It's damn familiar...

Trucks are the best. What kind were you driving?

rg350dx 29

Idk what you're looking at but it was clearly a butterfly.

I think she rode a broom

You are all wrong... It was a platypus 0.0

MorganBrown 8

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure it was a lion.

Success4444 12

I think you set yourself up for this one. Men love to admire vehicles. Next time buy a Chevy S10 and you won't suffer the self-esteem hit. You'll know the guy is checking you out instead.

tjackson91 4

hey I drive a s10 blazer and there's nothing wrong with that. I get guys staring at me and my truck. especially because its lifted higher than most.

Are you kidding? The Blazer was one of the most problem prone vehicles ever

CharresBarkrey 15

38 - They're probably looking at you and your truck because they're laughing at you for lifting a blazer.

Success4444 12

62- Jeep Wranglers as well... I love the way they look, but they will cost as much to repair as the gas you spend to drive it.

Wizardo 33

Your truck has the most bodacious fenders *sexual gasp*