By Anonymous - 26/06/2010 13:24 - Tanzania United Republic of

Today, I was driving along when I saw a hot girl walking. I decided to impress her by doing a 180 degree turn. Successfully pulling off my trick, I decided to back up so I could go the right way. Not looking behind, I backed up and smashed into a wall. FML
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skyeyez9 24

That act will make the girl you are a stalker or possibly a pervo kidnapper. Dont follow girls with your vehicle.


I moderated this lol

oh, you're one of those, "i have too much spare time and too little intelligence, so if i drive my car like an idiot the girl in question will instantly want to have sex with me, pounce on my bonnet and start tearing off her clothes", aren't you? ...YDI.

Thabb 0

Aren't you a smart one?

wooooooow dumb ASS

Apolloholix13 0

how does being able to do a 180 turn impress a girl?

Volcomsmy_Lyfe 0

I don't think pulling a 180 impresses a girl she probably thought you were a bad driver to start with then the wall crash concluded this

alleyx3 0


"hot rod" actions like that do NOT impress women in the least! YDI for being a complete and utter idiot!

Lol showing off with a car doesn't work with chicks

lol I love you for that

ydi!! that whatcha get when ya show off

35: What made you think it would impress her to begin with?

slchockey22 0

lol @ 33

supergirl69_fml 0

I think it would scare me if some guy was driving around like a complete fucking idiot. definately not a turn on mean she didn't drop her pants right then and there and do you??? Oh wait. of course she didn't, because you're a fucking dipshit.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

Good try dude... not everyone can glitter like f'in Edward and we got to do something else to impress. did u get her digits? I hope it was a powerslide and not just a u-turn LOL 33

Wow op ur a loser....ydi for trying to give it large!!

lol this dude still tryin to show off for girls by doin trics and shit in his car like wtf who still does that shit no girl ever liked it lmao

BoyFromTheFuture 0

lol 47 yeah the wall got plenty of rear end...

stewpididiot 11

"Pounce on my bonnet" ??? yeah, I know the English call the hood the bonnet. it just sounds hella funny. but know that I think about it , calling it a "hood" is just as wacky.

Americans don't say bonnet? :O

#65 I guess not?

NzxtZ06 0

I was once a nice truck, but my idiot driver decided he'd do a stupid trick to try to impress this hot girl at the side of the road. for once the moron pulled it off, only to run me into a wall at an excessive rate of speed... in reverse. FML

tjrocks1294 0

well did you impress the girl?

sourgirl101 28

i thought a bonnet was a type of hat. Isn't it?

stewpididiot 11

yeah, I meant to say 'NOW that I think about it', but I haven't had my coffee yet. Trunk makes sense to me, but, 'Boot' ??idk

mesnugglez 0

haha loser!

Blame_The_Dog 0

are you one of the girls that do that? I have a dodge charger I can do some tricks :O

Ya i have to agree

crazyj12006 3

I'd like to fuck alleyx3

emmmilyyy 0

so what ur saying is, you drive like a jackass to impress chicks. which really means "I have a small penis"

lol 33. I think car tricks are kinda hot if properly displayed. I don't drop my pants but I smile. No we don't say bonnet 65 we say hood and trunk in North America.

Andrew1122 0

me toooo I said no

Ydi for being an idiot.. drive like a normal person OP, and leave the tricks and stunts for the movies.. she was probably cheering for you to crash into something

TaylorTotsYumm 10

You can do a 180 degree turn in your car!? Dammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn boyy. I'm going to rip my clothes off and have wild sex with him in his car. No, that is not how a girl's mind works. :P

CopyrightLOLOLOL 0

If I was walking along on the street and some douche did a 180 turn, I'd flip him off for being a jackass and potentially endangering people.

I don't see how this will impress any girl. I'd call you a moron and laugh after you crashed.

Oh wow, you boys are so hilarious sometimes.. when you fail ha, ha^^

OliviaNicole 5

That's funny. And it really sucks. But DAMN that's funny(:

Wow that is impressive ;)

FYI most girls are impressed by more romantic things rather than macho things. a nice car might impress some women but a trick, especially a uturn, does nothing. If you want to impress a girl impress her with your personality, your thoughtfulness and being a stallion in the bedroom.

mariobrochill 0

alleyx3 you're cute as fuckk, facebook? (:

dude my dads got a Mercedes SL55 AMG, and lets me take out his car for a spin sometimes and DAM u get pussy ridin around in that shit man, u just gota pull up next to some chics and the hot rod car does it all man

In that case I think you ladies would be interested in me; I can't drive at all yet ;D I know, it's hard with all the positive attention I get, but what's a guy to do...

18- 360s make girls wet.

I'd like to have tremendous amounts of sex with you for this post alone. B |

Coming from a girl, if I saw someone do that, it would not impress me. I would think that he is an idiot who obviosuly does not know the proper way to impress a girl

hmm. Wow well atleast you did thee trick right ((:

ImsoMikhail 0

WTF? I don't think anyone is like that just you

When I see guys driving like that I think "what an idiot." So probly not the best way to impress girls...

wow thats funny but did she notice you cause if she did good for you if she didnt then you just are a loser sorry but you are

amberu95 0

hahaha that suckss

Link5794 18

Make your car do handstand, then we'll be impressed.

skyeyez9 24

That act will make the girl you are a stalker or possibly a pervo kidnapper. Dont follow girls with your vehicle.

Yeah that and either way it doesn't matter...he fails at failing |:

jay4who7 0

she was on the side of the road u say lol, all u had 2 do was pay before u pump,no tricks silly boy:)

ArtIsResistance7 1

You fail miserably, hell, while your writhing in pain, you can ask her for a pity date.

ArtIsResistance7 1

Unless the only thing you hurt was your car and your dignity...then you're fucked.

sourgirl101 28

What movie is that quote from? i know there were knights in it. "Robin Hood" "King Aurthur"? No, damn-I'm stumped! I've heard the quote so many times.

ArtIsResistance7 1

Monty Python's Holy Grail, Sourgirl. @Mercy, lol. I suppose it would be better to keep swagger in this situation and just strut off into the horizon like Paul Newman, the coolest guy I know.

sourgirl101 28

Thank you! It drove me nuts not remembering. I had to google it. Those rabbits were funny!

since when are girls impressed by good drivers anyway? do they go damn he can drive well so he mist be really hot! just show ure scaredass face and say hi

Looks like the wall will be the only thing you'll be "backing into" for a while ;)

missvee98324 0

#5 hahahaa

Blacksabbath211 9

ouch, fyl, walls suck

you where about to make an epic win move, but you just made one of the most epic fail moments in your life. YDI

Wow. just wow. if there was any fail moment worthy of the Uber Epic Fail award, it's this one. comgratulations on fucking up ur car, possibly pissing her off, and ruining ur life. YDI

so_unlucky89765 4

Fail!!! and ydi acting like an idiot doesnt impress a girl.

Kmid24 0

Gobsnoglin 0

If you did a 180 degree turn, then backed up into a wall, that means you came through the wall to begin with. wtf?

god point I missed that!

no if he did a 360 he'd have come through the wall. 180 would just be a uturn so back the direction he just came. but after the 180 he backed up. Which means the wall was in front of him to start, he did a uturn, then backed into the wall.