By Anonymous - Tanzania United Republic of
Today, I was driving along when I saw a hot girl walking. I decided to impress her by doing a 180 degree turn. Successfully pulling off my trick, I decided to back up so I could go the right way. Not looking behind, I backed up and smashed into a wall. FML
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  xXLenaXx  |  0

oh, you're one of those, "i have too much spare time and too little intelligence, so if i drive my car like an idiot the girl in question will instantly want to have sex with me, pounce on my bonnet and start tearing off her clothes", aren't you? ...YDI.


Good try dude... not everyone can glitter like f'in Edward and we got to do something else to impress. did u get her digits?

I hope it was a powerslide and not just a u-turn
LOL 33

  stewpididiot  |  11

"Pounce on my bonnet" ???
yeah, I know the English call the hood the bonnet. it just sounds hella funny. but know that I think about it , calling it a "hood" is just as wacky.

  NzxtZ06  |  0

I was once a nice truck, but my idiot driver decided he'd do a stupid trick to try to impress this hot girl at the side of the road. for once the moron pulled it off, only to run me into a wall at an excessive rate of speed... in reverse. FML

  Jennifra  |  0

lol 33. I think car tricks are kinda hot if properly displayed. I don't drop my pants but I smile. No we don't say bonnet 65 we say hood and trunk in North America.

  lilmissy1290  |  0

Ydi for being an idiot.. drive like a normal person OP, and leave the tricks and stunts for the movies.. she was probably cheering for you to crash into something

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

You can do a 180 degree turn in your car!?
Dammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn boyy. I'm going to rip my clothes off and have wild sex with him in his car.
No, that is not how a girl's mind works. :P

  jadedwaitress  |  0

FYI most girls are impressed by more romantic things rather than macho things. a nice car might impress some women but a trick, especially a uturn, does nothing. If you want to impress a girl impress her with your personality, your thoughtfulness and being a stallion in the bedroom.

  boating_guy  |  33

dude my dads got a Mercedes SL55 AMG, and lets me take out his car for a spin sometimes and DAM u get pussy ridin around in that shit man, u just gota pull up next to some chics and the hot rod car does it all man

  Shokz992  |  0

In that case I think you ladies would be interested in me; I can't drive at all yet ;D I know, it's hard with all the positive attention I get, but what's a guy to do...

  Link5794  |  18

Make your car do handstand, then we'll be impressed.


Monty Python's Holy Grail, Sourgirl.

@Mercy, lol. I suppose it would be better to keep swagger in this situation and just strut off into the horizon like Paul Newman, the coolest guy I know.

  drcool41  |  0

since when are girls impressed by good drivers anyway? do they go damn he can drive well so he mist be really hot! just show ure scaredass face and say hi

By  Dante1337  |  0

Wow. just wow. if there was any fail moment worthy of the Uber Epic Fail award, it's this one. comgratulations on fucking up ur car, possibly pissing her off, and ruining ur life. YDI

  Magimus  |  1

no if he did a 360 he'd have come through the wall. 180 would just be a uturn so back the direction he just came. but after the 180 he backed up. Which means the wall was in front of him to start, he did a uturn, then backed into the wall.