By zerom - France
Today, I was discussing the traffic with my brother. He said the most common car colour is red. I said it was black. We ended up betting €100 on which three vehicles of either colour would pass by our house first. It seems a convoy of fire trucks had somewhere to be in a hurry. FML
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  yak526  |  0

am i the only one who knows statics on here? even if firetrucks didnt go by i can assure you, you would have lost any ways; the most common car color is red, also red cars are often stole the most hence the reason insurance on a red car is alot..... i have a red car

  wolflover44  |  5

Around here the most common car color is actually blue. Which is really weird seeing everybody's comments on their areas. But hey, it was actually in the newspaper a few weeks back. And red cars are stolen the most. And therefore pulled over by the police more. I wouldn't get a red car... Lol.

  conan13_fml  |  0

around where I live sliver is the most seen, if you look out over a parking lot, at least 75% of the cards are sliver. also fire trucks shouldn't have counted, just like a bunch of black funeral cars driving by(I forget what they are called) wouldn't count . oh and I have seen green fire trucks

  crackz12  |  10

Sweetnightmare- Your profile says you you are a grammar nazi but you wrote it like a fucking retard. You're dumb.

Docscientist- you're also retarded.

By  megatone  |  2

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  beccusmaximus  |  0

Yeah, I don't think those should count really. Fire trucks are not people's personal cars and therefore the color can't be chosen by anyone. We have some badass fire trucks around here that are an obnoxious highlighter yellow-green.