By something pink - / Tuesday 8 January 2019 14:00 /
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  Alup132  |  22

My brother had to get one to correct his weaker eye (worn over strong eye to make the weaker one do more work) and it was just at CVS or something

By  Silverion Sairee  |  9

Hope it's just the one eye and not both. Maybe get a eyepatch and decorate it with fake flowers and a loop of pearls. Look up 'gothic eyepatch' for some inspiration, chose colors to match your dress and also accessorize with your hair, put matching flowers in an updo. If you have to wear an eyepatch may as well make it pretty.

By  Tina Harwood  |  6

Probably way late, and not an instant cure, but next time you get pink eye, mix equal parts raw honey and hot water, let cool, and apply to infected eye(s) via eye dropper (or put it in a well cleaned eye drop bottle) as needed. It will help soothe the irritation immediately and speed healing immensely.

By  hotchickennugget  |  9

Hi all, OP here! I submitted this about half a week before Christmas so luckily I have some updates. It ended up being in both eyes but the good news is that I got medicated eye drops which helped immensely, and I was no longer contagious by the wedding. The only people who knew I had pink eye were the wedding party - no one else could even tell! So no eyepatch or sunglasses necessary. I was still recovering from it over Christmas as well unfortunately but, again, no one could tell.

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