By parentalnightmare - United States - Laurel
Today, I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. My parents seemed very sympathetic and my mother even cried. When we got home, though, they started laughing and asked if I really believed all the shit the doctor was talking about. FML
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By  cocainewhore  |  30

Your parents suck OP, I have lupus and fibromyalgia both of which are invisible and chronic, and all of my family reacted the same way yours did. I'd say try explaining to them, but it sounds like your doctor already did. Good luck!

  alice192823  |  24

I have Lupus and arthritis, and I've had people laugh at me before for using a crutch when my knee swelled up double its size 'cause of arthritis. "She doesn't have a broken leg, why is she using that?"
I also get called lazy all the time by my friends. I might be a naturally lazy person, but the chronic fatigue that comes with arthritis and lupus is completely ignored by them! Even when the doctors tell them that it is a thing!

I completely understand OP. My parents have never laughed / not understood, but my friends are generally a lot less understanding. If your parents don't come around and understand it, I really hope your friends can be supportive where your parents weren't!

  onyourleft  |  10

It's sad how often I hear these stories. I guess you can say I got sort of lucky because my mom and I have both fibro and lupus so I always have someone to empathize with me. To the OP, it's hard and people will never stop making comments. Even people who sympathize will say silly things sometimes. Unfortunately it's another burden to bear with diseases like we have.

By  rag97  |  6

May be they're trying to cheer you up? By making you believe you have no such condition? Still, seek treatment. Wish you a better health, OP!