By hotandbothered - United States
Today, I was developing film at walmart. It started to get a little warm, so I began taking off my sweatshirt. This creepy old man approaches me, saying "You know, usually girls like you are paid to take their clothes off." FML
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  Tripout  |  0

I agree with number 31 take it in a good way. ur hot (I would assume) but just in case. could u provide some pics so we can come to a real conclusion of weather ur hot or not

  joeinthedark  |  18

Agreed. We'll need to see some photographic evidence before we can really make a comment here. If you're not that great, maybe just take it as a confidence boost and move on. If you are that great, take it as a compliment that he thinks you're hot and again, move on.

Sure doesn't make it any less creepy though.


I had something like this happen to me at work, a coworker who was in his 60s and married told me that he had a dream about him and I have sex after telling me this and freaked out by what he said, he preceded to tell me that he hoped one day that the dream he had would come true. I was mortified. FML

  SpyderMonkee  |  0

Oh god^
That is horrifying. Someone once told me, that she had the same dream about me, except I was really fat and I ate her alive when we were done. I don know how to relpy to that.


Just because a phedophilic weirdo comes up to or touches someone, it doesn't mean they are a 'slut'. It just means that the offender is twisted and needs to go to prison. Saying something like that to someone who that has happened to is both inconsiderate and stupid. Shame on you, loser.

  maskedman  |  9

exactly! I wish someone would compliment me like that. I usually just get a few giggles and guffaws, followed by many requests to put my costume back on.