By Anonymous - 05/11/2011 01:21 - United States

Today, I was dared to walk home through a rough part of town. My rep hung in the balance, so I accepted. A kid kicked a football in my direction, so I kicked it back at him hard. It hit him in the nuts, and the next thing I know, I'm running for my life from three bald, shirtless, six-packed thugs. FML
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Your "rep" won't matter when you're dead.

At least they were only chasing you, you can't outrun a bullet


PurpleFrostingg 7

heh. good job. xD

Look at the bright side you had a good exercise :D

OP sounds like someone who cares too much of what others think. You shouldn't risk your safety for your "rep".

If you have a "rep" you probably already live in that neighborhood.

Looking for extra credit no matter the situation eh?

RedJester23 6

Maybe you hurt his feelings

You hurt the kid's rep when he got hit in the nuts.

Somehow, I feel like your "rep" was better off not accepting the dare, considering how this turned out.

Yeuh!!! THATS why YOU DONT MESS with my HOOD!!! What!!!

zuzupetalsYO 11

How's your rep now BITCH

So why is she getting thumbed down?? She could have been trying to be sarcastic.

Really? OP sounds more like a whiny suburban pussy who thinks he's "hardcore" for walking through a neighborhood full of dem coloreds. Hopefully he got a well-deserved beating.

Your "rep" won't matter when you're dead.

You got trolled

Would you take an even bet then, that they were Asian and I'll pick black...

Georgieeporgiee 9

Surely if you were in rough part Iof town you'd be clever enough not to kick it at someones balls...?

markrs 0

Yeah! I mean, they could've been Mexican! (bad joke)

bibbster18 11

There goes the neighborhood.

I like how u said "when" you're dead. Lol

Welcome to my hood!

could be worse..

what is worse than getting chased by 3 thugs who were probably black?

IphonFML 6

getting chased by 4 black thugs ^

bootz412 0

What does them being black have to do with anything? I got two black brothers does that mean their gonna rob some body? No they r actully nicer then most white ppl and we live in the ghetto

The color of someone's skin doesn't matter. A bad part of town is a bad part of town, not a place to wander around aimlessly for a dare.

#16, OP doesn't say that there black, but congrats on being narrow minded.

#26 owns #16 and boom goes the dynamite.

As mom always says: "If someone dared you to jump off a cliff, would you?"

lauralavenderbab 0

If there was water

At least they were only chasing you, you can't outrun a bullet

Challenge: accepted.

drewfus2 6

Challenge:Failed It hurt.

youcunthole 0

Better run run run outrun my gun

A man can outsmart me. Maybe... *sniff*... Maybe.... But I'd like to see a man who can out smart a bullet...

Don't tell him that. OP is dumb enough, he might actually try it to earn some of his "rep" back.

This is when I think of the song "Pumped Up Kicks"

Someone beat me to it. Damn.

Chuck Norris can...

Bloodhound SSC can.

Heavy weapons guy!

Unless this is Dragon Ball Z

That's why you should always mind your own business.

thats true espically in a bad part of town

pedosmurf 7

Kick them in the nuts

CeeCee_fml 16

Real smooth. What's more important, your rep or your life?

drewfus2 6

He'll be the bravest dead guy his friends know.

skyttlz 32


Was he in Oakland?

TheClumsiest 0


I find it funny how your name is "theclumsiest" and UR saying smooth

TheClumsiest 0


jobo50123 3

if your dared to something as stupid as that ... don't do it!

ikickgingers 15

Effing hell. Where is that grammar freak theisland when you need him . . . ?

bamagrl410 31

I didn't even notice until I read your comment after it hahaha

drawmesunshine 17

Also, TheIsland, I might point out your use of a semicolon is incorrect; it should be a comma.

drawmesunshine 17

That's not exactly right, but "if you're dared to do something as stupid as that" is not a complete sentence anyway.

drawmesunshine 17

Again, that's not quite right. If you hadn't used "if" and just said "you are dared to do something as stupid as that," it would have been a complete sentence; however, your use of "if" makes it a dependent clause and NOT a complete sentence. IF you're going to correct people's grammar, I would suggest having an basic understanding of the CORRECT usage of semicolons, and independent and dependent clauses. It might help you to look like less of a tool.

How bout we all go grammar nazi somewhere else and leave the poor trolls alone?

Learn the difference between your and you're.

Were they at least sexy thugs?

I hope so, or else they should have kept their shirts on.

Errr 1st you dont give a fuck if the person is sexy when theyre trying to catch up to u and fuck u up, you would run without looking behind u :p. And 2nd he is male and prolly Not gay so he didnt give a fk