By Anonymous - / Saturday 5 November 2011 01:21 / United States
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  primadonna9396  |  16

Really? OP sounds more like a whiny suburban pussy who thinks he's "hardcore" for walking through a neighborhood full of dem coloreds. Hopefully he got a well-deserved beating.

  IphonFML  |  20

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  bootz412  |  20

What does them being black have to do with anything? I got two black brothers does that mean their gonna rob some body? No they r actully nicer then most white ppl and we live in the ghetto

By  MrXerxes5  |  26

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  drawmesunshine  |  14

Again, that's not quite right. If you hadn't used "if" and just said "you are dared to do something as stupid as that," it would have been a complete sentence; however, your use of "if" makes it a dependent clause and NOT a complete sentence. IF you're going to correct people's grammar, I would suggest having an basic understanding of the CORRECT usage of semicolons, and independent and dependent clauses. It might help you to look like less of a tool.

  EmreArslan  |  27

Errr 1st you dont give a fuck if the person is sexy when theyre trying to catch up to u and fuck u up, you would run without looking behind u :p. And 2nd he is male and prolly Not gay so he didnt give a fk

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