By cachow - 06/09/2009 04:35 - United States

Today, I was cutting the grass when I saw a man staring at me from my neighbor's garage. This went on for 5 minutes until I finally yelled 'hello'. There was no response, and I was creeped out, so I called my neighbor. It was a life-sized Paul McCartney cutout. FML
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Where can I get one of these?

YDI for not recognizing a Legend when you saw him.


Where can I get one of these?

Why do you NEED one of these, Alan?

Why WOULDN'T you need one?

Why wouldn't you want one!

lol i would steal it =]

me too hahahah it's like op stupidly yelled hello at no one lolololololololol

creepy but lol

you say goodbye...

and I say hello

I don't know y u say goodbye I say hello :D

Haha "get your very own cardboard stalker now" Only 9.99$

lol wow :) nice one, not entirely your fault tho i guess

Fucking hell where can I buy me a life sized cardboard Paul?!

damn I want one!

it isnt really that bad :P

...So? Is there a part 2 to the story?