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By  kellster  |  2

And this, my friend, is why you invest in the Bagel Buddy:

By  latuka  |  0

I can see how you cut the back on your hand. you were holding the bagel horizontally, and you were cutting towards the hand holding the bagel, and i guess the bagel was really hard so as you were pressing hard, the knife slid on top of the bagel all the way to your other hand where it sliced the top. I dunno if my description is correct, or if all the others commenting can imagine it well, but I just felt like I needed to explain, cuz others just have no imagination.

  drummerp64  |  16

I can see how a person would do this, but at the same time, that's precisely the opposite of how you're supposed to use a knife. If you're doing any sort of carving or slicing like this, you're supposed to slice away from your hand just to prevent that.

By  sLap_fml  |  0

i sliced my thumb open once when i was cutting an english muffin,
i was so embarrassed i hid it from my dad because he always lectured me on how sharp the knife was..