By bakingwomannnnnnnn - 20/11/2013 07:59 - United States - Redding

Today, I was cussed out by a customer who was unhappy, and he asked to speak with my manager. When I told him I owned the store, he said that that was the problem. Apparently women are "too flaky" to run a bakery properly. FML
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Man I hate sexist people. At least you can't get fired, though, and you can kick him out :)


Man I hate sexist people. At least you can't get fired, though, and you can kick him out :)

But the customer is always right...

bahamut357 16

**** that. the customer doesnt know shit.. ever. I hate that ******* phrase.

That phrase doesn't exist in Ireland. But some customers think it does, so I usually tell them that the customer is 99% of the time . . Completely and utterly wrong.

Pwn17 25

I don't think this customer could have been more wrong. Such a sexist bastard...

\ 28

Whoever invented that phrase has never worked a day in retail.

Korra_fml 23

most businesses reserve the right to refuse service to a customer that is being unreasonable, rude, or in any other way offensive, as deemed by the manager.

What puzzles me is why a sexist thinks a woman is unfit to run a bakery. It's not like she's running an auto shop.

My old boss used to say "The customer is always right but rarely satisfied"

falon142012 22

69, I know several women who own and/or run an auto shop. I also frequently work on cars with my husband. What you know and what you can do has nothing to do with gender.


I'm fairly sure that #69 was simply stating that they found this to be an odd instance of sexism, not that the sexist would be correct if it were an auto shop.

Thank you, 82. That's exactly what I meant. I'm a female military member who works in aviation maintenance, so I'm perfectly aware of women's capabilities to work jobs that are stereotypically masculine.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

69- Your comment sounded a little sexist if you ask me.

falon142012 22

You're right, it is a more unusual case of sexism. I was just saying that I don't understand how people can think gender has anything to do with abilities, mental or physical. :-)

#96 - Oh, you're so naïve that it's bringing a tear to my eye.

Or maybe OP misunderstood and he was actually just complaining about the product.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I've heard of customers being rude, but this asshole takes the cake

He's to sour to enjoy some baked goods. Forget him OP, there is always 1 turd in the punch bowl.

Tell him you don't need his sexism in your store and to get the hell out.

Your first problem is that you're from tumblr and on fml. You will always be down voted.

I bet he got even matter when he found out that you were the owner and because he couldn't get you in trouble.

He gets matter? And here I am being taught that matter can't be created or destroyed. The things you learn on FML.

Either kick him out of the store or tell him you refuse to serve him! What happened to "This establishment reserves the right to refuse service to unruly customers"?

Alexzandriah 9

I would of kicked him in the balls.

Would you of done that? Really? Do you live in an action movie? Or would you HAVE just stood there stupefied like in reality where the rest of us live?

What kind of lame/awesome action movies do you watch, Doc?

StompinOnCrayons 15

What is it with people these days and ball-damaging ? An almost identical comment was on another FML, please ladies, harming balls is not the answer. (Imagine if someone kept saying they would punch you in the boob , not okay guys xD )