By ForgottenSarahMarshall - United States - Aubrey
Today, I was creeping on an old coworker's Facebook and noticed they'd tagged my face in an old group photo as another girl. According to the comments, the girl they'd tagged me as thought it was her too. I worked there for two years and nobody mentioned the mistake. FML
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  randome101  |  12

14 was talking about AFTER the girl finds out it wasn't actually her, which has nothing to do with the post since, it doesn't say anything about her reaction to finding out it wasn't her, so 27 wasn't right like you commented.

  XSimpleDesignX  |  18

#49 I don't think they were saying OP was a male. I think they were saying the person she (because OP is female) was creeping on is a male even though the post doesn't specify the gender of the person being creeped on.