By Anonymous - / Saturday 19 September 2015 05:45 / Canada - Victoria
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  Lizza330  |  28

I hate when people say that it's not that bad. You don't know anything about OP. Clearly whatever's wrong is enough for OP to need someone to talk to. That's enough.

  Mastrianni  |  4

Maybe #1 was trying to somehow day that for the better of OP. People say it to me to cheer me up sometimes. Before getting onto Beeferjay, maybe think of all the different ways he could've meant his comment.

  beeferjay  |  34

if I wanted to be a dick, I would be a dick. its the internet, I dont give 2 shits about what 99.99 % of you say anyway... im just sayin
but OP, you'll be okay. read some fmls and keep your head up, it could be a lot worse :-)

  DoomedGemini  |  37

I know you aren't trying to be a dick, but that really doesn't work most of the time. It more of ignores their problems and makes them feel like you are saying they don't have reason to be unhappy.

  RyRoz  |  19

Totally agree with you. I met some of my best friends online and I always feel I can talk about a bad day with them anytime and they are always there to hear you out.

By  bapbap_fml  |  15

I've gone through some hard times in my life, too. I find it's best to talk to a therapist about it. They are trained and educated to offer constructive advice, where as family and friends may become frustrated and not know what to say. They may be dealing with issues of their own and just don't have the energy to think about yours, too. Best of luck.