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Today, I was cold and alone at work, so I decided to try and warm myself up on the panini toaster. As I was holding the top side open and my other hand over the hot metal, I accidentally closed the door on my hand. FML
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  siege10  |  0

that's probably because you worked at places like mcdonalds. most offices have a policy about them ( that they can't be over a certain wattage or whatever )

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Unnecessary bit of rudeness there. I've never worked at McDonald's. I've worked in hospitals, banks, legal offices, and large corporations. None of those places allowed employees to bring in personal appliances, especially heaters. Anything left on under a desk was deemed a fire hazard. They also didn't want to deal with electricity vampires. Small desktop fans were the only exception to the rule.

I did work at a construction company briefly where the owner said it was allowed but he was a bit sweet on me and I never brought one in.


OP said it was for work, meaning that it wasn't just your average panini maker. I know some sandwich restaurants like Subway and Quiznos have huge ovens in their kitchens. Work = Industry, so an oven for work = an industrial oven.