By Anonymous - 21/11/2010 19:07 - United States

Today, I was cold and alone at work, so I decided to try and warm myself up on the panini toaster. As I was holding the top side open and my other hand over the hot metal, I accidentally closed the door on my hand. FML
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Next time you're cold, try sticking your head in the oven.


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I think the obvious one here is human hand

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Some random food.

C-C-Combo breaker!


nice combo break

Yea, nice breaker zmeiler. *hi-5*

Thanks, Marinus. *Nerdy high five*

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PENIS! It's a type of food because it's part of a cock meat sandwich!

Sounds hot if you ask me, I'd bang you in a second If you hadn't already gotten knocked up by the toaster D:

immaculate timing. Just brilliant #25.

YDI for eating shitty foods.

How do you know what OP eats?

what else do you cook on a panini toaster ? hamburgers ?

OP wasnt eatin she was "warming up"

You cook hands

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#2 OP wasn't eating it he/she whatever was at work. that doesn't necessarily mean they eat it. plus it's yummy anyway.

I love eating people. especially peoples nonsense.

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YDI for not having enough practice in the kitchen.

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YDI see there's this thing you may have locally it's called a STORE maybe you should try BUYING A SPACE HEATER

you are too black seriously

Why would you want to heat space.

I've never worked somewhere that allowed employees to bring in heaters.

maybe he worked at a place that made things with a panini maker?

nevermind i read that you replied to sorry.

that's probably because you worked at places like mcdonalds. most offices have a policy about them ( that they can't be over a certain wattage or whatever )

Unnecessary bit of rudeness there. I've never worked at McDonald's. I've worked in hospitals, banks, legal offices, and large corporations. None of those places allowed employees to bring in personal appliances, especially heaters. Anything left on under a desk was deemed a fire hazard. They also didn't want to deal with electricity vampires. Small desktop fans were the only exception to the rule. I did work at a construction company briefly where the owner said it was allowed but he was a bit sweet on me and I never brought one in.

Way to go, genius. YDI for making the next sandwich with a flesh garnish

I saw that on Iron Chef once. Bobby Flay blew away the competition with his flesh stroganoff. Mmm, tasty.

Sounds like something I'd do... -_-"

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combo breaker.

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I already broke the combo dumbass.

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I don't care. I'm starting a new one.

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Why didn't you go to the store and buy a heater instead of using a toaster and burning yourself with it..

...ur suggesting she should go to a store and use her money to heat her workplace?

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No. She can use it at work and bring it home after work. I was stating she should buy something to keep her warm.

Next time you're cold, try sticking your head in the oven.


nice one doc

Doc, I think OP has already done so and suffered extensive brain damage in the process. Why else would he stick his hand in an industrial oven?

OP said panini maker.. not industrial oven, What do you put in a panini that would need that ? A whole chicken??

OP said it was for work, meaning that it wasn't just your average panini maker. I know some sandwich restaurants like Subway and Quiznos have huge ovens in their kitchens. Work = Industry, so an oven for work = an industrial oven.

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o wow ydi tho for not being more careful!