By xharuki - 29/08/2010 20:37 - United States

Today, I was closing at work when someone came in ten minutes before close (2am) and placed a huge order. I couldn't turn him away because he's my manager from my other job. He was drunk. FML
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As someone who has worked in the food industry, I agree, it sucks to work until 2 am (or later). HOWEVER, if the store closes at 2 am, IT MEANS 2 AM, not 1:45 because the employees are being whiny little bitches. Hell, I have even served people after my restaurant was technically closed in the past because I recognized that good customer service=more repeat business=more hours and more money for me. Plus, what if you were the hungry customer desperately looking for a place to eat at 1:45 am? Wouldn't you be pissed to find the restaurant closed 15 minutes early because some punk ass employee just HAD to get home at EXACTLY 2 am? When you work a closing shift in a restaurant, EXPECT to be there much later than closing time and consider yourself LUCKY if you do get to leave exactly when the restaurant closes. That's how the industry works. Suck it up and do your fucking job or find another one. This is the most pathetic FML I've ever seen.

That sucks but that's your job. No reason to complain.


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oh noes! big deal...

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I'm so cool I replied to the first comment.

well this whole FML depends on what fast food restaurant you work at...I mean if you work at like taco bell then it really isn't too bad...cuz your just making tacos and stuff.

ya it shouldn't be that big of an order rite ?

#1 What you want a cookie now?! Nd Damn OP that sucks shoulda told em no...

If OP says it was a big order, what makes you think it isn't? The_flirtt, the word you're looking for is *right. *Rite is a kind of Soda pop.

Well... money you got yes

oh no, you have to stay late at work... your life is ruined

#1 may not have a life but he made me laugh

where do you work at?

no whayyyy thats crazy i hopes u lived after such a turifik aksidint!

You could have turned him away. If he was drunk enough, maybe he wouldn't remember.

10 it didn't say if it was fast food or not. I work at a restaurant and people come in all the time with huge to go orders. op this does suck but it is not really an Fml

what kind of restaurant closes at 2am?

fuck you 8. it's a huge deal. sarcasm.

14, I would very much like a cookie. chocolate chip please.

Ninja kick him in the forehead. Problem solved.

it's your frickin job. Do it.

48: Lots of places with bars close late.

73 sonic closes at 2am

hmm if he was drunk he wasnt drivin? which means he was walkn so he wud of had to carry this "huge order" and if he was so drunk he proly wudnt rememba

French silk pie is da bomb :O

Can I trade you for first comment to feel important too?

Op, youre dumb. You could have easily kicked out your boss for being under the influence, since most likely they will return the order in the morning after the hangover. Also if he was being unruly, you have the right to refuse service.

this would be more of an FML if the guy woulda came in, made a huge order then said "oh crap i forgot my wallet" or, after the order has ben made already, "you know what? i jus remembered i have Chipotle at home waiting for me... cancel that order." tht would be a fml. OP be lucky u have a job.. i jus got fired today lol

Don't praise Chris. It all goes to his head.

Aria, lovely. :P I was being sarcastic, and I meant it toward his picture. He knows I despise photos like that.

hahahaha sarcasm as is my beluptious picture lmfao jk ill change it lol but i told you precious it was gonna get worse before it got better lol and Ari ; shut it, nothing goes to my head

hahahaha sarcasm as is my beluptious picture lmfao jk ill change it lol but i told you precious it was gonna get worse before it got better lol and Ari ; shut it, nothing goes to my head

Thank you, Chris. For the change of photos that is. My pictures cuter. :P

that because your son looks like thing one and thing two from cat in the hat lol =D its cute tho

Are you trying to insinuate that my son is a freak with blue hair? :P

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you would have turned away customers ten minutes before you close?? If I was one of those customers I would have filed a complaint. I work at a restaurant so I know how much it sucks, but if your sign says you are open and your door is unlocked you can't be turning down customers. ydi for being a crappy employee

Sorry OP.. I'm a server and when people walk in 5 min till close piss me off more than anything else. One, you can't finish your duties till the assholes leave. Two, the kitchen is more than likely gonna cook their entree's in a way to get them out quick.. which means their food isn't gonna be great. And three, the tip is definitely NOT worth it. Dealing with the general public is a joke. Everyone needs to at least wait tables for 6 months of their lives to appreciate what we do and go thru. And people. always tip your server! Whn you don't, they still tip out on your meal. So they're basically paying YOU to eat there!

what's biggie..?! it's not FML.. dummy! lol

95- yes he has the right to refuse service, but his other boss might fire him from his other job if he refused hom service.

That sucks but that's your job. No reason to complain.

agreed, youre getting paid, just do it

They would still have a job and get paid if that person "didn't" show up right before their place of work closed. I'd bitch aliitle. Yes it's part of their job but it's rude of people to not respect workers. Hey I want to go home too.

lol #1 made laugh

If you want to go home, you should work in a different industry. It has nothing to do with respecting workers and everything to do with expecting an establishment to function during it's open hours. All of it's open hours, not just the ones convenient for the employees.

81, organizedchaos is exactly right. There are many people who can't leave the industry they work in because they are not qualified for any other right now. I am stuck working as a gas station attendant, and I've been forced to stay late because of customers as well. It's frustrating because I can't go anywhere else with the economy as terrible as it is, and I'm working toward a bachelor's degree now. Luckily, I'm not going to get fired, since my grandma runs and owns the gas station I'm working at, so I try to close when it gets close to closing time and no one else is in. Still, that's meant an extra half hour at work for me sometimes.

ten min b4 close.... n u cry about it!??? u should be fired long ago...! u shouldbe open to public till 2:00, no matter how busy or slow u r... or who s getting what! u fired! 

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No, that's not gay. Being gay means having a sexual attraction to a person of the same sex, not a desire to contaminate their food. Doing so (contaminating food, not being gay) is a crime, BTW.

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ahah. you know you have the right to reject someones order if they're drunk/high.