By inthesticks - United States - Orlando
Today, I was cleaning off my couch so my nephew could crash here for a few nights. It's been so long since we've sat on it that it is now inhabited by rats we didn't know were in the house, including newly born ones. FML
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21 days is the standard pregnancy length for rats. When two adult rats love each other very much and find a nice couch to make their home, less than a month later they have up to 20 babies in there too. what a beautiful, happy family.

By  xxDeeStar  |  27

Time to get a new couch OP.

This reminds me of something that happened with my boyfriend. He ended up visiting his grandparents in a foreign country.

Long story short, the grandparents lived in a one room apartment that was infested with very fat rats and my boyfriend and his dad had to sleep on the floor.

He felt bad for his grandparents so he didn't complain but the rats would crawl onto him at times during the night. Idk how he did it. I wouldn't be able to lie down on that floor.

But yeah, I hope the infestation isn't THAT bad at your place. Good luck!

By  TheMisfitScribe  |  17

I'm curious to know how one manages to acquire a rat infestation... and how one can do this without knowing. Had you not been using it and needed to clean it off because it was buried in trash?