By S. Michaels - United States
Today, I was chatting to a nice girl at the mall, and I said if she didn't get a raise, I would write to the management. She said they have no email address, and I replied that I meant an actual letter. "Like, on paper?" she said, "Damn, how old are ya, pops?" I want a ticket off this planet. FML
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  BRLHP  |  24

Whoever edited the FML, it sounded better saying how old are ya, not you. It may not be grammatically correct, just sounded better.

  smartman136  |  8

Personally, i would rather leave the less intelligent of our generation here. This planet is basically trashed anyways. Pollution, radation, lack of food, water and adequite living space. I cannot remember which one but one of jupiter's moons is the closest to earth in density and gravity. We would need to construct an artifical atmosphere but it could be done. We have the technology.

  hahagirl1  |  11

Sorry to break this to you sweetie but by the rate humans are using the resource's on this planet we'll run out before the planet can properly repair itself. Plus there's so much pollution on this planet that it would take hundreds of years to restore the soil to what even close to what it was before we started messing it all up.

  girl112891  |  7

Yup, and instead of reading, people watch movies. When conversation comes up about a book there's always that one person who has seen the movie and thinks it's great, but really, movies can't compare! Reading is a completely different experience!! Technology is taking us so far from beauty.

  squirrel1215  |  5

I'm glad to see that you agree with yourself. And just because things like that aren't used as much anymore doesn't make them "irrelevant." I still use postage. Guess what for? To pay some of my bills. I think that's a little relevant. Just a smidge.

  Shrike  |  22

I do. It's like the difference between using Arial and Comic Sans for a financial report. And no I'm not a stuck up toff, but some of us value the professionalism and a personal touch.

  nanxi  |  30

I think I like your typo better than what you were actually trying to say, #52. Something about "suck your fuck" sounds creative haha.

  chels1994  |  11

When I had someone who was in basic training he was stationed in Texas...we wrote letters to each other constantly. Although it is becoming less used, we should all still be aware of how to write a letter.


I agree with you number 12 to an extent. You have to think why kids are like this. It's due to the technology they grow up around. For instance Do you know how to send any think out in morse code? No because it's irrelevant and out dated due to the upgrade in technology. Soon, even though they aren't now, writing letters will be a thing of the past

  Ameel_fml  |  19

As someone who used to work in a post office, I can assure you that posting letters is most certainly NOT going out of fashion. In fact, with the rise in population, I wouldn't be surprised if more letters are sent nowadays than 60-or-so years ago.

Also, there are plenty of instances where handwriting is still relevant. Letters, many tests or exams, some businesses require handwritten job application letters, filling out forms, even writing simple things like a to-do list or a quick note/reminder.

  GawdamitNappa  |  4

88- I think cursive is great. It's supposed to be faster because your writing flows, but when you only learned cursive for a week in 3rd grade, and you write ugly print faster, you tend not to use it. Just wish I could write cursive :(

  _LE4RN_  |  4

You have no excuse for being a bitch to her. Don't judge. For all you know, she could have a 4.0 GPA. Kids don't appreciate un-technologically supervised things anymore. Get over it.