By Baggabbles123 - 08/06/2009 23:24 - Canada

Today, I was camping. Me and this really cute girl were hitting it off real nice. It was the last night so we both headed over to my tent to have sex. I was just about to get it in when a raccoon ripped my tent causing the girl to scream and runaway. I got cockblocked by a raccoon. FML
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A raccoon interrupted you getting beaver, eh?


Hahah! Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Did the racoon turn into a beaver and bite down your wood?

LOL nice one 133.

Maybe the raccoon wasn't getting any and was jealous

Lol! I'm sorry, that really does suck. Thats why you shouldn't have sex in the woods, I suppose.

A raccoon interrupted you getting beaver, eh?

Ouch! Something similar happened to me, but with a damn dog running inside. Didnt give him his favorite chew toy for 2 weeks. Get her number though, sounds like a keeper

Sounds like a keeper?... How, Because she's cute, and puts out on the first night she's obviously a good catch? Might need to rearrange some of your priorities in the future.

I died at #4. I can't top that. At least it was a raccoon though and not a bear. Or her dad.

Huh. Maybe the racoon sensed the immorality of the situation and decided to intervene.

I was more thinking that the girl had some horrible STD and had his sexual life saved by the racoon, thank your lucky stars OP.

If you didn't have a condom on...that raccoon could have very well saved your life! You should be thankful

#8 pull the bible out of your ass This is the funniest FML I've read all day