By Baggabbles123 - Canada
  Today, I was camping. Me and this really cute girl were hitting it off real nice. It was the last night so we both headed over to my tent to have sex. I was just about to get it in when a raccoon ripped my tent causing the girl to scream and runaway. I got cockblocked by a raccoon. FML
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By  llSgtScopell  |  0

Ouch! Something similar happened to me, but with a damn dog running inside. Didnt give him his favorite chew toy for 2 weeks.

Get her number though, sounds like a keeper

  hulamonkee  |  0

Sounds like a keeper?... How, Because she's cute, and puts out on the first night she's obviously a good catch? Might need to rearrange some of your priorities in the future.