By Baggabbles123 - / Monday 8 June 2009 23:24 / Canada
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Ouch! Something similar happened to me, but with a damn dog running inside. Didnt give him his favorite chew toy for 2 weeks. Get her number though, sounds like a keeper


Sounds like a keeper?... How, Because she's cute, and puts out on the first night she's obviously a good catch? Might need to rearrange some of your priorities in the future.

By  Me27

Huh. Maybe the racoon sensed the immorality of the situation and decided to intervene.


I was more thinking that the girl had some horrible STD and had his sexual life saved by the racoon, thank your lucky stars OP.

If you didn't have a condom on...that raccoon could have very well saved your life! You should be thankful

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