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Today, I was buried in texts from two of my bridesmaids about how much they hated their dresses. Dresses they helped pick. I can either be a bridezilla, put up with this for 4 more months, or ruin two friendships. FML
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TordNorski 30

It's YOUR special day, not theirs.

You should remind them about how they helped pick out dresses they hate. I say be "bridezilla" in the sense that you're not going to change something just because they don't like it. It's your special day, not theirs.


TordNorski 30

It's YOUR special day, not theirs.

"YOUR special day" makes it sound even more pretentious. People get married every day, whether it be a small affordable wedding or 10-15,000 bucks. Some couple choose not to, because of beliefs or personal reasons and that a piece of paper and precious metals don't necessarily define/ validate a relationship or make it official.

Regardless it is supposed to be a day about the couple celebrating their love, not two adults who were actually given an option with the dresses and said they hated it after choosing.

Welcome to the land of opinions. That is yours, they are welcome to theirs. It is a special day to them, and it is a day celebrating them... you might say their special day!

You should remind them about how they helped pick out dresses they hate. I say be "bridezilla" in the sense that you're not going to change something just because they don't like it. It's your special day, not theirs.

Exactly! it's not uncommon for bridesmaids to hate their dresses. I highly doubt your friendships will be ruined just cause they don't like the dress.

nicolai44 12

If the friendship *is* ruined just because they have to wear dresses they don't like for a couple of hours, then I would say they were never real friends anyway.

It doesn't matter what they think, this is your day not theirs. I'm sure they're beautiful, OP. At least they can't overshadow you

Lizza330 28

If your friends are willing to drop you because of dresses they have to wear once, then they're not very good friends.

Tell them to go look at new dresses and you will go with to decide what will match YOUR wedding then tell them it's coming out of their pocket if they want new dresses

mariri9206 32

It's likely coming out of their own pocket, anyway. Typically, bridesmaids and those in the wedding pay for their own dresses/shoes/accessories, not the bride and groom. They should suck it up, though, and deal with the dresses they already picked out. It's OP's wedding, not theirs, and they can deal with the dresses. It's for a few hours on one day, not their whole lives. It's not like they have to wear the dresses ever again.

In the UK, the bride at the very least covers the dresses. Normally also hair/make up on the day.

The problem is that OP is likely already investing a lot of time and effort into planning the wedding, and asking her to take more time out of her schedule to help plan/approve new dresses just because the bridesmaids changed their minds seems pretty unfair to me. OP already gave them a say, and the day is supposed to be about her and the groom anyway, not anyone else.

Trust me at least your brides maid are complain about the dress and not each other

They shouldn't be complaining at all. It's OP special day, and a stressful time preparing for it. They should be flattered they were asked to be in the wedding party and do whatever needs to be done to help OP.

Y'know, I was a bridesmaid that complained about other bridesmaids to the bride. To be fair, they didn't try to buy their dresses or shoes until a week before the wedding and complained when everything was no longer being sold. They had over six months to buy a $30 dress and a $15 pair of shoes (which was apparently too expensive for them). They didn't help me, the maid of honor, or the bride with anything. They didn't even show up to the rehearsal or the bachelorette party. They showed up to the wedding wearing two different dresses and didn't match the rest of us... It was a mess. I tried to get the bride to drop them but she wouldn't do it. :(

That must've been awful for the poor bride. She just wanted all of her friends to share the experience with her and they almost ruined it. At least she'll still have her husband and a few good memories.

Luckily they didn't ruin the day, somehow! Despite their complete indifference to the wedding it was a great time. The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. I was just so annoyed that they didn't seem to care at all!

I am so glad your wedding ended up being what you wanted. The important thing is that YOU are happy as it was your day (along with your spouses.)

kimeatszombies 22

I would honestly be super petty and say, "If you don't like the dresses, don't be in my wedding (-:"

I don't know why this is getting down voted. It wasn't advice it was what #7 would do in OPs position. They helped pick the dresses they should suck it up or leave, and that is exactly what I would tell them.

Most of the times the bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, shoes accessories, etc.. Being a bridesmaid can be expensive. so I feel their opinion matters. But it's your day. Tough decision.

This is true. Why not tell them that they can change the dresses, but they need to decide as a team? And if they change the dresses, they all need to pick the same dress, or the same color, or something that shows unity.

Though I can understand where you're coming from, OP did state they helped pick. Why didn't they say anything when they were searching. Or at least before they were purchased. It's a tough decision anyway.

Tell them that if they don't stop bitching, you'll give their places to a pair of trained chimpanzees.

If you're paying, they should definitely suck it up If they are, you may have to compromise on just letting them do the same colour and going from there. I personally think it's your day and they should suck it up, but Id probably still end up compromising cause I care too much. Good luck Op!

They helped pick the dress, if they don't like it then they should of said something back then. It's their fault for not speaking up, they need to deal with it.