By 30000 - 02/01/2015 03:38 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was brushing my teeth. When it came time for me to spit, I absentmindedly opened the bathroom drawer and spat in there instead of in the sink. FML
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Let's hope you focus more when you poop. :)

Still drunk from NYE? ;)


Still drunk from NYE? ;)

Greenteamextreme 16

I put toothpaste on my hairbrush once.... that was not a good morning.

At least your hair was minty fresh.

Well you should have swallowed :)

Let's hope you focus more when you poop. :)

That moment when you put cereal in the fridge and milk in the cabinet.

lol I've done that a few times.

I can relate to this too xD

Yep, that's me too, lol

Same here...

I know the economy is bad, but most people wouldn't blame you for using new toothpaste each day.

FroggerForReal 11

we all do that with other things

This is why people should swallow... Wink wink

*slowly claps* ....hilarious...

Oh so you are "that guy". Please don't comment if that is the best your unoriginal mind can think of. Seriously I've heard knock knock jokes funnier than your comment.

Were those knock knock jokes about your face? Fuck off

Is this a new life hack for making drawers smell better

Well guess what today's my birthday.

good for you