By notbrowsingnow - / Thursday 8 May 2014 23:46 / United States
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  cakefete2  |  30

Imagine the boss saying that while OP was at lunch, the FML would have referenced a creeper boss. Clearly, OP was slacking off while on the clock, and got caught in a big way.

  alycion  |  29

One of my web jobs required me to be on many social media pages several times a day. I've also been in offices that didn't mind if people took a small break that way. Many opted to do that instead of a smoke break, which meant they were easier to find if something went up. It's when people a use the freedom that things go to hell. People goofed off at work long before the internet.

  cakefete2  |  30

Not sure if that would make it better or worse. On one hand he could find it funny, on the other, he could be furious that OP is still on Facebook even after the warning.


Is that acting like a pro? Sitting in the toilet on Facebook on your phone to beat boredom?
Work gets boring at times, but you are being given money to endure it. Stay at your desk and stop acting like a child waiting for something sparkly to look at. THAT'S being a professional.

  isuckwithnames  |  22

I agree with #8 on using it in the bathroom. I think, or at least what I took from it, he was saying that you should wait UNTIL you have to actually use the bathroom to go on said media.

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

That's what I got from it #26. Plus, sometimes you have slow work flow or you've gotten a shit ton of work done and your brain needs some junk food. Going on FB from time to time isn't that horrible. Sounds like OP was spending too much time on it though. My boss has caught me on FB before but she watched me check my notifications and then X out and made it a point to tell me that that was an appropriate personal break from all the work I had done.

By  sweetbliss3  |  37

youre lucky he didnt fire you. some businesses dont like paying employees to not work. save facebook and other not related work things for the break room or a bathroom break.

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