By watch_corn_dance - 08/04/2014 02:13 - United States - Pontiac

Today, I was being shown how to use a nail gun while applying for a job at a construction company. The instructor shot me in the arm with it. I didn't even get the job. FML
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Show up with a lawyer, you'll get the job

Wow you got screwed


Wow you got screwed

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Technically he got nailed

That's very punny of you two.

By the way, ipman is a great kung fu movie...

#56 - I totally agree but...what if he means "ip" as in Intel processor

Show up with a lawyer, you'll get the job

That might also be a bad idea. They could make his life hell while he has the job

Well, hell. I wouldn't even want the job after the BOSS shot me with a nail gun.

More like "show up with a lawyer, you'll never need a job again."

more like show up with the lawyer you will own the job and never need a job again.

Why get the job now? Might as week get paid without getting the job...

He nailed you! ;)

And he also put a nail in your hand.

A couple nails short of Jesus. You should go back

Literally nailed...

Why would they show you how to use it if you haven't even gotten an interview yet?

Clearly you've never had a job. McDonald's doesn't count.

Clearly you're a douche. I think You're the one working at McDonalds.

Whoa whoa I work at McDonald's and we do have to go through training so I assume it's more extensive training plus if you don't know how to use a tool it's better to ask someone to show most cases anyway

#65, Think again.

#69 yeah after you get the job. Usually they train you AFTER you got the job. At least you aren't being a douche about it though.

#83, he is talking about McDonald's though.

It should be a relief you didn't get the job.

Ya it's such a relief to have no idea how you're gonna support yourself...

But it is a relief to know he won't be working with people who aren't safety conscious

It's better than getting the job only to end up with a worse accident and injury, since their existing employees don't seem to be experienced.

sorry OP but you can't claim worker's comp. but if i were you i would have shot him back especially if i didn't get the job.

That's fucked up, usually when you get nailed by the boss he promotes you.

I love how blunt this comment it's.

I guess you didn't nail the interview after all.

At least you add that to your resume.

Getting shot by a nail gun on a resume? Where is he gonna get a job using that? A human pincushion job at the circus?

I was joking. I hope you get that.

Wow he really nailed it on that instruction!