By Anonymous - / Monday 27 July 2009 16:52 / United Kingdom
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  blehargh  |  7

Um, you can call them bugs, but you don't have to intentionally mislabel them as insects just to not "look like a complete nerd." Besides it's not only nerds that know spiders aren't insects.

  drimpossible  |  7

In Greco-Roman mythology, Arachne (pronounced /ə-ˈræk-ni/) was a great mortal weaver who boasted that her skill was greater than that of Minerva, the Latin parallel of Pallas Athena, goddess of crafts. The offended goddess set a contest between the two weavers but, according to Ovid, the mortal weaver's subjects, the loves of the gods, was so offensive that Athena destroyed Arachne's tapestry and loom. Ultimately, the goddess turned Arachne into a spider. Arachne simply means "spider" (ἀράχνη) in Greek.

By  snavula  |  6

Wow, only FMLs display little kids saying intelligent things. AND they always do it in a belittling way like an adult would. I've never seen any little kids like this and yet there are so many FMLs about them?

  _THE_MASTER_  |  6

i talked like that when i was a kid...but of course, look at me now. I'm one of those 'no-filter' people that just kinda says whatever pops up in their mind. It is a lot of fun though...

  _THE_MASTER_  |  8

THAT'S THE PRECISE REASON I WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!! how could you not? I wan't my kids cursin and swearin like sailors by the time they're 5. get them ready for the real world. i mean honestly, they're just words, who gives a rat's ass?

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