By BondingTime - 17/03/2014 09:51 - United States - Saint Paul

Today, I was babysitting my nephew and we decided to color together. He drew a picture of someone who looked dead, almost zombie-like, while everyone else looked pretty normal. When I asked who it was, he said in a serious, scary voice, "It's you." FML
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or kill the nephew before he kills You!

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How will OP explain to their relative , that they killed their son

If she's a zombie she could just tell him he'll be the one that needs to run away hehehe...

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Erm... You said bonding time, right? Not bondage? You may want to back away slowly.

First of all, bondage is a type of sex. Secondly, they never said bonding time in the FML. Just coloring together.

#10, the username/title does say "Bonding Time". Double check the FML before you post a critical response to someone.

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10, You can easily participate in bondage without any real sex. It's more of a sex enhancer... not that I would know anything about that *whistles*

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You might want to keep more of an eye on him.

Maybe he tried to give you extra detail because you're awesome?!

Maybe he's like the kid in the movie "The Sixth Sense" and he sees dead people.. You are more than likely dead. You should look into that.

Either he is plotting to kill you or your fashion sense is pretty.... Dead.

try to dress up nicely and be nice with him.. kids reflects what they see

*reflect. Anyway, how does dressing nicely help a child who obviously wants to burn your body and eat your soul? Ok, an overstatement. The child was probably kidding, as I used to do the same. Some people have a dark sense of humor.

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It's not his fault you look like a zombie.