By babybreath - / Wednesday 3 June 2009 02:08 / United States
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By  glamourful  |  0

#6 - you know nothing about babies obv.

OP - it happens.. sucks it was in your mouth, but generally when you tip babies upside down or up the the air or w/e they throw up. My friends 5 month old kid was just sitting on my knee last week and randomly threw up his lunch (mmm regurjed milk...) on my leg...

By  cutecarebear  |  0

OMG! :D I love you for sharing this! About ten years ago this happened to me with my brother. I seriously thought I was the only one and my mom never let me live it down.

By  AlfonzoRex  |  0

#11, Obviously the little girl couldn't help it.
It was no ones fault really, Shit happens.
I mean, what's so bad about making a kid laugh and giving them a good time?
..Even if it leads to someone else's vomit in your mouth.