By darlingditz - 02/04/2009 23:05 - United States

Today, I was babysitting for a new family. While the father was telling me about bed times and how to reach him, their dog started humping my leg. As I tried to discreetly push the dog away, his paw got caught in the pocket of my huge sweatpants, pulling them down. I was wearing a thong. FML
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spankyness 0

Dog has been trained well

You're a girl, right?


thats embarrassing. lol

bobbybill0519 7

lets hope the guy wasnt wearing sweatpants

sexyscooter 0

YDI for being a babysitter that wears thongs, slut


I think he likes you

who wears a thong for babysitting

kbobcat 0

If the op was a guy and posted this, it would be so much better haha :)

Maybe that's just what she was wearing that day. How many people go around thinking, "well, my pants might get pulled down, so I'd better make sure I'm wearing the right kind of underwear just in case..."?

says awkward goth lady

drunkmunkey 24

pics or it didn't happen

autophobe 0

the dog did it on purpose. =P

spankyness 0

Dog has been trained well

dog is a child molester detector

You're a girl, right?

malinbobbyypho 0

yess,, she is; thankfulllyy

dude, a 13 year old girl just called you a dip-shit. you should slap that bitch.

well...........did you get paid more than you expected?

pippysthename00 0

lol, #1. and damn, that sucks...

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Dog has been trained well

Arkvoodle 0

YDI For wearing sweat pants in the first place

what the fuck is wrong with you

altkat 3

That is unfortunate. FYL.