By Anonymous - 30/09/2012 17:57 - Germany - Hagen

Today, I was babysitting a six year old girl, when I saw a huge spider on the wall. I screamed and told her to stay back. Instead, she walked up to the spider, squished it, and told me to stop being such a baby. FML
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Naomimi_fml 6

Six year old badass.

Then someone breaks into the house with a gun and she takes 'em out with her bare hands. Stone cold killer that little one is.


Naomimi_fml 6

Six year old badass.

nah op is just a wuss

My 6-year-old is like that too. I'm terrified of spiders, so when I see one, I call her to take care of it. She calls me a wimp all the time... I'm okay with it, as long as she's still killing the little bastards.

mizuki123 8

I saw a huge spider in my room. I tried to save it but I was terrified of it jumping at my face so I had my mom kill it. :/

It's ok Op we all can't be badasses like that little girl. She is probably Chuck Norris's daughter.

"Watch out, it's a badass! " -Siren

I rather put a spider outside than kill it.

61- Then come to the south and put our 2 inch spiders in your palm and set them out free!

That comment is quite witty, but I don't think many people on FML know about Borderlands...

When your with kids you can't show them you are afraid!

That's true.

69-you know about borderlands, and are on FML. Tell me more about how borderlands is unpopular in the FML community.

69 - "Cool story, bro." -Axton

Borderlands 2 has the best dialogue.

I don't get why people got that buried. I would do the same thing

Then someone breaks into the house with a gun and she takes 'em out with her bare hands. Stone cold killer that little one is.

Inheritance 10

Reminds me of this video I watched about this kid who killed a burglar with his dads gun.

And the award for coolest story ever goes to...inheritance for his story about "a video he watched"! Congratulations, please accept this thumbs down as a token of our thanks.

If she can do that with her bare hands, imagine a butter knife. Oh, and 54 - Reminds me of when I killed my first spider when I was six. It was missing two legs.

Inheritance 10

Yes 76 and you're even funnier?

sheerem 7

Wow. Man up a little bit. The spider most likely will not kill you.

most likely. not exactly reassuring lol

You don't know that for certain. There are so many different poisonous creepy-crawlies out there, it's hard to be merciful on the harmless ones.

Most spiders are not poisonous, and the ones who are probably won't kill you. Even with the poisonous ones, there are such things as hospitals. And wouldn't you rather kill or release the spider and get it over with than have it alive and wandering around the house? People need to stop using poisonous spiders as an excuse to be afraid. -_-

Airman1988 9

Considering op is female I doubt they have much desire to "man up"

#38: Unless it's a common jumping spider or a trap-door spider (which I love playing with), any spider I see is a dead spider. I've come into contact with brown recluses and black widows. I've had my hand and fingers less than two inches from a black widow without knowing it, and it was only AFTER I had killed it that I saw the red hourglass.

38, it's called a phobia. You can throw all the facts around that you want, but I'm still going to avoid those things every way that I can and not give a fuck what anyone says.

fromthesuck 8

There are actually only two poisonous spiders in the us(native), black widow and brown recluse. Correction for those who have nothing better to do than poke holes in other's comments: all spiders are poisonous. But those are the two truly harmful to humans.

But 67, OP is in Germany.

67-I am pretty sure most people are not afraid due to the number of poisonous species but rather they are afraid because of the number of those spiders (which is greater than two). Also, the fact that most of us cannot instantly identify the kind of spider does not help.

brown widows too. twice as poisonous as the black ones, but not as aggressive. STILL... NOPENOPENOPE!

Try live in Australia we have the worlds most deadliest everything. Spiders - Sydney Funnel Web, Mouse eating spider, normal funnel web, red back, and more. Snakes - taipan, king brown, red belly black, one that lives in the ocean, brown snake Sea creatures - box jellyfish, blue ring octopus, stonefish.

Okay, first of all, I never said not to kill the spider. Obviously it's better to let it live if you can, but it's not a big deal if you can't. If it's a phobia, it's a phobia. Fine. But don't try to use "oh, it's not an irrational fear because spiders are poisonous" as an excuse. I thought that was obvious from my last sentences. Seriously, it's like you guys don't even read what's written before you respond. :/

#67, seeing as we're being pedantic now, technically there are two families of spiders that lack venom glands. But seriously, many spiders can't even penetrate human skin. Poisonous in the sense of "capable of killing or inflicting injury"? I think not.

iHeartRKO 5

I'd like to put my two cents in, as my cousin works at a pick n save (grocery store), he works the produce section and with the loads of fruit he comes across plenty of black widows. He catches them and destroys them properly so when you buy your fruit your life shall go on another day.

48- it doesn't really excuse people from smashing them on sight.

She is going somewhere

-Looks at picture then reads FML then comment- ......

Profile pic says it all...

Is she supposed to be going to your van, 5?

Haha pwned by a little girl xD

Don't you just love children? :D

Why don't you have a seat over there

Whaaaaaat734 6


CallMeMcFeelii 13

She was just showing you that she's the boss. Watch her closely and you just might learn a thing or two.

its okay:) im deathly afraid of spiders too lol

Yup same here, as a matter of fact just killed one right now.

Well, you know what they say.. "There's nothing to fear but fear itself... and spiders..".. Haha, at least that's not what I say, I love spiders(: