By PeanutlyDisabled - France
Today, I was babysitting a new child. I guess she heard me tell her parents about my severe peanut allergy because she got a jar out of the pantry, spread it all over the stairs leading to where her fort was, and walked around with a baseball bat covered in it so I couldn't come near her. FML
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Reminds me of the Simpson episode.. Principal Skinner is allergic to peanuts, and Bart uses it against him.. Just like the kid you were babysitting..

But then Skinner went through Bart's records and found out he was allergic to Shrimp.. And Skinner used that against him..

Simple.. Fire fire with fire.. XD


I'm starting a new babysitting job in 30 mins I hope that little bastard doesn't do the same to me!!! I'm alergic to shellfish. @b (does that look like a shellfish? that's what I was going for.)

  Americunt  |  0

Just like my username, except this chick is Fritch Bitch.
OP, why are you allgeric to nuts? How are you going to lose that virginity of yours when you're always sick around nuts?

Anyways, when this girl turns like 14 or so, tell all the boys she secretly masturbates to lesbian porn.

By  daydreamstar  |  7

thats one twisted little girl... O.o and considering how you just met her, how could you deserve this. well, now tell her she has to clean it up or the evil peanut elves will snatch her away in the middle of the night and feed her to the troll broccoli monster!!! mwahaha! *cough* some kids just dont like strangers... :) and regarding the baseball bat, tell her that a giant bat will come for her unless she dosent hit you but im getting an awesome image of a 2 foot something kid in an army tank turrounded by a wall of peanut butter with a giant baseball bat and little three inch you, OP, just standing there with big eyes :)

  daniisme  |  0

really? I have an image of a 2 foot kid in a random pretsy dress with a massive baseball bat hitting op continuosly while ops on the floor shrieking.... :D

  Twinklestar  |  0

No, it's not like that, you're right, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have allowed a kid I was babysitting to cover the floor in something fatal to me that would have taken a fair amount of time to spread and threaten me.