By EwFace - 06/06/2009 16:23 - United States

Today, I was babysitting a little boy. I opened up a new bottle of bubbles and it was all goopy and gross so I said "Eww!". The boy then asks, "What's "ew" mean?". I replied with, "Something gross and yucky". Then he pointed at my face and say "Ew! Ew! Ewwww!". FML
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Lol, that's harsh.

Why would you say ew because of soap bubbles?


Lol, that's harsh.

rape him (-:', ROFL. sirins brow raise emote owns

i bet the bubbles wernt bubbles...stocky white stuff...wat could it possibly be...

HA he owned you and didnt even know it

LMAOO thats hilarious!

Why would you say ew because of soap bubbles?

it's bubble blowing. like the kind you use a wand with to make bubbles. not soap XD

The bubble stuff is MADE OUT OF SOAP you fucking imbecile.

lmaoooo pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa face

He's going to be a big hit with the ladies.

Kinda deserved it for telling him :P

FYL i can relate im extremely ugly...i just dont have ppl telling me that i am...sorry

Little boys always think girls are gross. Don't take it personally.

You could forgive him, or bitchslap him with a coathanger.