By Some Guy - 12/10/2015 00:54 - United States - Allen

Today, I was babysitting a 2 year old. He was messing around with a silver fork and I told him it was dangerous. He then got mad at me and started crying and stabbed me right in my foot. Be warned, even though they're little, they can still cause a lot of pain. FML
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That will really fork up your day.

those terrible 2's.


Could have been a steak knife...

but still he was right, it was dangerous

Could have been a machete

What sane person is going to leave a machete laying around where a 2 year old has access to it....

So size doesn't matter?

That will really fork up your day.

Forking hell that sounds sore.

He was practicing for his future career as Werewolf Hunter.

Good job it wasn't a knife!

Sometimes the small ones hurt the most

My question is why was there a fork on the floor? Or why did you have your foot on the table (his high chair or whatever)?

At least you're in a STABle condition

I mean it's a human with a potentially sharp object. Me satan. I'm going to go with satan