By ouch - United States
Today, I was babysitting 3 toddlers. I wanted to entertain them by making them laugh, but nothing worked. Later on, I started down the stairs, but tripped and tumbled down. I realized I have broken my arm and bruised my knees. I also realized that kids think it's hilarious when you get injured. FML
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  sublime93  |  0

Wait, you "realized" you broke your arm? You just happened to notice "oh look, my arm is broken...huh..."
Anyway this sounds like straight out of a sitcom.


That's a big ole DUH. Have u not spent more that 2 minutes around a child. Never heard of America's Funniest Home Videos? It wasn't a show abt people telling jokes...get over it, LAME

By  Fop  |  6

YDI for not knowing what to do to entertain kids (or any other people). Obviously, by the sheer amount of "Today, ________ I got hurt," on FML proves that it IS hilarious, no matter your age :P