By stuckathome - United States
Today, I was awoken by a conversation my mom was having with my dog upstairs. She was telling my dog that a ghost lives in our house. She was completely serious. The ghost even has a name and a backstory. FML
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ghOst are only scary because they can "demonds" instead of "spirits" which yes; can be quite scary because they can torment you and make you feel insane. some people can hear them, some see them, some feel them others can't.. everything depends on the person.


go to hell. what kind of person anonomously makes fun of a person on the Internet? nice going dickwad. and espescially one who may hurt themselves. way to encourage suicide. bastard.

  A83_fml  |  18

Could be either Alzheimer, or a Delirium. Or crack. Depends on the length of your mom's condition though. Tell her to see her GP. Good luck.