By ummno - 28/04/2011 06:22 - United States

Today, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a frantic banging on my front door. It was a guy whom I'd only been dating a few weeks, with a suitcase. He stated that his wife kicked him out for having an affair, and thought now would be a good time to move in together. FML
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close the door and go back to bed, problem solved.

ImThePope 2

Time to inform him you two are done?


chlorinegreen 27

make room. sounds like he may be staying for awhile. sucks if u didn't know he was married.

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ShadyFTW1 0

Dooooooooo yoouuuuuuuui speakk whale?

I feel like people who cheat are jerks! they only care about themselves and that's just shitty on their part

littlemissFYL 5

make room? that hoe better get out of her ******* house.

PrinceFroggy 0

Was OP like, "ummm no" (name)

I would give him a small cardboard box and some cheesies and a begging cup and send him on his way! besides cheesies cheer everyone up. even bums and emos

missy_lynn012 0

at 62 it is defiantly a bad idea lol

I'm actually wearing the exact same hat right now! but yeah op... lock the door on his cheatin keister *my Granpa's voice*

chlorinegreen 27

it's called being sarcastic. I would of just told him no vacancy and shut the door.

chlorinegreen 27

It's better then yelling "FIRST" or just saying one word get over yourself.

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ImaWiseGuy 5

a good time? that's perfect time!!!

sexy_lola21 0

well FYL .. unless you knew he was married then YDI.

flickyourbic1223 7

I feel bad for the wife. I don't feel bad for OP at all of she knew he was married!

missy_lynn012 0

I have a feeling that she didnt know, otherwise this wouldnt really be an FML.

sunshine_today23 0

I hope you didn't know he was married!

FYL OP if you didn't know he was married you should do the same as the wife he's been lying to you too. Or if you knew then you should of expected something like this to happen.

Tell him your husband should be arriving from his overseas any time soon.

CateXOX 0

You've been gone for so long!!!

FFML_314 11

I've been lurking in the shadows. Watching over the townsfolk.

(continuation of 15) I'm running out of time I need a doctor Call me a doctor I need a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life~

i told the world one day I would pay it back..