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._. boy do you know how to pick them.

She sounds like a keeper. Always by your side, just like a dog. That's loyalty.


you should have got busy since she was already there

You banged her afterwards, right?

i wouldnt. craziness is a turn off for me. unless shes got some epic tits.

LMFAO U should get a restraining order on that chick

why if a guy does something like that he is a creeper or perv but it's perfectly ok for a bitch to do it?

._. boy do you know how to pick them.

are you jesus? do you happen to work at a Record and Tape Traders?

well...of course. the bird is the word

LMFAO, thats what i was thinking : )

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of course it's an FML, I mean I guess he had a reason to break up with her and doesn't wanna have a relationship with her anymore, while she crazily does. but the really bad part about this is that she has a key... that's pretty creepy. if he does something she doesn't like she can sneak into his apartment and mess it up. you should've seen the crazy eyes though, so YDI! j/k FYL.

Hi. Please learn English/learn how to type. Thanks.

Learn how to spell out words........

#5- first of all, learn how to spell secondly, your story did not happen to your friend, you took it straight from the movie Paranormal Activity

number 5 do you seriously think that was the fml?

um I don't understand ur story at all u confused the hell outta me

5, please stfu and get off the internet

#5 what you're referring to is the movie called paranormal activity.

I'd have to agree with 111. The use of "totes" not only made me want to give a courtesy chuckle, but it totes wanted me to join in and troll too.

yeah I knew where it was going when he said micah

5- O_O I sincerely hope you are not as pathetically retarded in real life.

Nobody cares...?

I really just wanna take your keyboard and hit you in the urethra with it. That'll teach you to spell.

Lulz Paranormal Activity.

Shoulda changed the lock.

LOL it's funny yet disturbing at the same time.

She sounds like a keeper. Always by your side, just like a dog. That's loyalty.

dogs can't make sandwiches though

dogs can't make sandwiches though

what the christ?

pun intended?

does she look like Meryl Streep? fatal attraction if I ever heard one. she isn't afraid of commitment, though. that's a plus

Nah I think it would help more if she resembled Glenn Close.