By Anonymous - 08/02/2011 16:27 - United States

Today, I was attacked by clowns at work. I don't work at the circus. FML
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Do you work in a bank ? ^^

YDI for thinking you have to work at a circus to be attacked by clowns.


this is righteous. hahahaha

I really don't see how people are so afraid of clowns..

I'm afraid of clowns but that is hilarious

I'm not afraid of clowns but I'm afraid of balloons so I guess I'm afraid of clowns that have balloons... Anyways this FML made me giggle tehe :3

fluorescent adolescent? i love that song :)

i'm afraid of clowns since i saw IT when i was little

McDonnalds has a clown. Maybe multiple Ronalds attached him.

im not afraid of clowns i just hate them. really hate them!

me too I couldn't go pee for a year after I saw IT.

One word for you: PENNYWISE

I'm afraid of clowns and dolls lol after seeing the movie Child's play when I was like 6 yrs old.

Do you work in a bank ? ^^

The OP lives in Missouri, and so do I O.O

I don't get it lol

I was born in Missouri !

hahaha maybe you was on mushrooms or somethin

Maybe you is on mushrooms or somethin

wow, sorry but you both would be "maybe you were on mushrooms" in the past tense, and "maybe you are on mushrooms" in the present tense.

#44 I believe he was mocking him

ok mrs i know everything thx for the lesson i dont think she was correcting him

You look like a fat Justin beiber.


What did I tell you about staying away from them Juggalos!?!

Yea sorry we got the wrong guy... MMFWCL

All those pies in the office fridge should have tipped you off.

prity sure ya made this up

Are ya? Are ya prity sure? And how can ya be so sure? Do you work with OP? No. Are you a clown? No. Did you organise the attack? No. Are you breaking the commenting rules by yelling "fake"? Yes. Do you deserve to have a clown shoe up your ass? Fuck yes.

Lol nice doc. But better a clown shoe then a beer bottle like that poor bastard in your picture xD

Hear ye, hear ye, the word of DocBastard. *obligatory chorus*

all hail the might doc!!

Seriously people. That is not the shape of a beer bottle! Looks more like a Coke bottle...

big deal. their clowns. WHOOP DE DOO! not.

Thanks for transporting me back to the 90s.