By Jamie - United States
Today, I was at working at Burger King as a cashier. A girl I met last night came in and said, "Aren't you that guy from last night?" Last night, I had told her I was going to medical school and was going to be a doctor in less than a year. FML
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  mlipro  |  0

"What? I was working here last night.... Your positive?.... Fuck! my brother said he couldn't help me because he was studying." Now she thinks your twins. Problem solved.

By  The_Cait  |  0

I agree with #1...people in grad school often hold down shit jobs to help with tuition. If you're going to lie, learn to lie well and be quicker on your feet!

By  runkatrun  |  0

Hahah, nice remark #7.

But that was well deserved, and you know it, OP. But if you are going to lie, make sure that you're quick on your feet. #5's comment was pretty much everything I wanted to say. :)