By karmas a kunt - United States
Today, I was at work, when an elderly lady casually mentioned it was her birthday. I motioned two of my coworkers over, and we sang a little happy birthday to her over the phone. Our boss stormed in mid-song and suspended all three of us on the spot for "unprofessional behavior." FML
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  gc327072  |  29

14- "Oh hang on I'm about to sing Purple Haze lemme write Mr. Hendrix a check. Ooohh shit he's dead now what do I do.."

Great logic ya got there.

  KokiriKid  |  10

30- Even if the writer is dead, you have to pay loyalties to the record company and/or family of the writer... You can't just use somebody's song without permission, it's considered plagiarism.

  claysgurl09  |  5

So I guess I have to pay their family because I sing happy birthday to my kids.... Yeah let me get right on that! Hmmm I guess I'll tell the waitress boss that singed happy bday to me that he needs to fire her because she doesn't have the right to sing it!

  eternal7  |  6

Actually #39, you're wrong. The "Happy Birthday To You" song is copyrighted and the copyright is enforced. Royalties would go to the current copyright holders. Research it. It wouldn't apply to OP because they weren't performing it publicly or for profit. I'm sure that's not why their boss suspended them though. Their boss just sounds like an ass.

  LittlestV  |  28

46 - Happy Birthday was copyrighted as a work for hire; you can sing it but you can't use it for profit without paying loyalties. I'd imagine these guys weren't asking for payment from this old lady, so they weren't doing anything wrong in that aspect.

  chessalands  |  5

#46 & 48- I know this has been said, but honestly you guys sound like idiots. It's only a copyright infringement if you sing someone else's song for recording purposes. My father sings and plays in an 80s cover band and I'm pretty positive he's never contacted a single band member or rights owner to any of the songs they've sung.
Also, I've never once been to a birthday party where some guys in black suits burst in, demanding payment for "plagiarism."

  oceanbeauty  |  17

Most restaurants have their own version of the Happy Birthday song. And they Happy Birthday song is copyrighted, so a person just can't make money off of the song.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

The word you guys are looking for is royalties. You do not have to pay loyalties for a song but you do have to pay royalties for using copyrighted material for commercial purposes.

  shyeahh_fml  |  19

For those of you saying you don't have to pay to sing happy birthday, just watch a movie. Many movies don't sing the traditional happy birthday song because of this and if they do, just watch the credits.

  LittlestV  |  28

95 - That's what happens when your phone is programmed like a heap of shit and doesn't understand real words. I know it's royalties; my phone doesn't.


actually the song is copywrited to "Warner Music" till the year 2030. any time it is sung in a public setting or in a movie, radio, tv, etc. they make revenue off it. about 2 million per year. resturants or any public setting are allowed to song it with a changed tune or different words. read up on your facts. but I'm sorry op, ur boss was just trying not to get sued. u did a good thing today though.

  leydia  |  10

Even if Mr.Hendrix is dead someone still owns the rights to Mr. Hendrix's songs. Just like Michael Jackson's Estate owns the rights to his songs and thus are the ones who make a profit when one of his songs are used for profit.

However, like others said it wasn't used for profit...

  chtychtybngbng  |  11

You are correct. That is why many restaurants sing their own versions of happy birthday songs. There has been at least one lawsuit over a restaurant singing the happy birthday song to customers (thus publicly performing it) Google it, it's crazy but true.


Shut the fuck up, 51. How is a bunch of people trying to be nice and wish someone a happy birthday hooliganism? It was hardly a frenzy either. The boss is clearly as uptight as you, and you both need to pull the stick out of your asses.

  NuTrees  |  9

Hi I'm 51. Um I was just playing 13 people who thumbed me down. Come on. You may not know me but I'm the girl in the back who makes shaker noises during the birthday songs. I am the assembler. I am the hooligan. I am beyonce.

By  1215116a  |  14

God damn what's up his ass today?

By  Airman1988  |  9

Wow at one time that would have been considered going above and beyond, modern companies are striving to make business so impersonal, didn't used to be just about the money