By Anonymous - 05/06/2012 18:47 - Brazil - Americana

Today, I was at work, reading some funny stories on my phone. Just as one of my co-workers decided to share that his father had passed away recently, I burst into uncontrollable, teary-eyed laughter at a story. They don't believe my explanation, and have branded me the office asshole. FML
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Don't let it get to you OP if there too stubborn to understand after you explained it, it's their problem.

So FML made your life f'd?


Don't let it get to you OP if there too stubborn to understand after you explained it, it's their problem.

I agree. I hope they get over it soon.

Llamacod 11

*they're although what really surprises the hell out of me is the fact that you actually got correct usage on the second "their"

problem is no one has any sense of humor these days

Terrible control your emotions really...

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35 - Who says the OP wasn't on break? It's very possible that they were taking their break in the office.

If that's the case then I bet you believe personal issues should be left at the door, and telling another co worker that your dad just past, while at work wasn't the place for that either.

36 - because it says at work and not at work on break maybe? 46 - two wrongs don't make a right.. The OP is posting the FML so in turn my post is directed to them not any other parties.

raraisbang 12

You ever think that maybe OP just forgot to write "on break" or didn't think it would matter? And FYI the majority of people that have an office job spend at least some time doing other things besides strictly work. It's not that uncommon. Nor is it that uncommon to have an office job where there is a slow point of the day. Quit being such a jackass, Mkay?

Llamacod 11

#48, so what you're saying is that because "most" of the people who have office jobs do other things at work then it is ok for op? so its like saying that, if I was a guard at a prison and "most" of my co-workers are mistreating inmates then its ok for mentor mistreat th as well?

48 - and most women have been sexually abused at some point in their life whether it be sexual harassment or more... So I guess that makes it okay? Yeah didn't think the "because it happens all the time" excuse was that valid. ;-)

hatesfate: You're a fucking idiot. Nobody said that slacking off was okay, and just because the FML didn't say in big bold letters 'ON MY BREAK' doesn't mean it didn't happen. FMLs are limited to 300 characters. What does this mean? Well, it means that sometimes info must be sacrificed in order to successfully submit an FML. So, it's entirely probable that OP was on their lunch break. After all, the co-workers were also talking. Try not to be an ignorant asswipe next time.

64 - I'm the ignorant asswipe yet you're the one resulting to insults and cursing? Haha.

I wonder how there's always a guy who thinks like this exist in every workplace.

Hunthas 17

Wow, they are pretty self centred :o not everything is about them. Sorry about your bad luck!

That awkward moment when a lady was just telling my mom how her son died and I read this and and laughed

Watch out: we have ourselves a thread jacker!

Either share the story which caused the laughter fit or accept their scorn. If the story is really that funny then your explanation becomes plausible. If it isn't believably hilarious enough to warrant such a burst of joviality then you're basically screwed.

So FML made your life f'd?

No, it could be MLG. ~my life's good!

Reading about how good others lives are is never quite as funny as reading about how horrible they are!

SystemofaBlink41 27

It's like failception or something...

UnearthlyEnemy 9

I feel bad for you, but on the flip side, you should have been working. FYL still.

OP could have been on break.

I feel bad for you :(

Fyl OP. I hate when people don't understand the world doesn't revolve around them. Get over themselves, they need to...

Llamacod 11 you dinner and a movie for their mistake?

Yeah, exactly... who laughs in response to someone telling you that their dad passed away anyways

Dallasluver19 14

Wow.. Give him a gift. Or something. And if they still don't believe u show them the stories. FYL Op:(

I would show them the stories first, no?

kirrra 11

a gift? for not believing op when he told the truth?

Dallasluver19 14

Ok ok! That migh not have been the greatest idea ever!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

This reminds me of the FML about the guy who was reading funny stories and burst out laughing during a Holocaust lecture. FYL.

BunchieRules 31

I suppose this could be compared to many FMLs with horrible responses. Like the one where OP accidentally texted "ahahahaha" in response to the friend's deceased relative.

You spend waaayyy too much time on here...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

79- Who? Me? I've got the app on my iPhone, and go on when I'm bored. I have a life, I just like my virtual one better. :P And if your comment wasn't directed to me, sorry but I felt compelled to respond :)

Aw it's okay, give it some time and try to explain it later.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

Talk about wrong timing. FYL.