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Not even sweats can hide all that sexy!

Here's one reason to quit smoking that you probably never thought of up until now. The list is apparently never-ending.


lol and what you don't know is OP is a sixteen year old boy! lol and oooo isn't much of a comment

damn, did you have a crotch hole for easy access? that may have tipped him off

I guess this is a FML. Considering what the truck stop hookers look like.

ehh.. it's better than that stupid glasses one. 5/10

FYL for resembling a "lot lizard." FYI, telling him you was working just made him think you was a prostitute... Could be a common mistake.

So how much do you charge OP?

He got game.

Ydi for looking like a hooker.

YDI for smoking

YDI for smoking

maybe you should do something different with your makeup.

omg ur pic is fuckin hott! work it babe!!!

o that was for 17 (Randen)

Considering you work at a truck stop I'm sure the hookers there don't walk around in mini skirts. The truck stop hooker uniform is probably sweats and a dirty looney toons t shirt.

how is this an fml OP you look hot embrace the hooker look!!!!!!

Was I the only one who thought of Malcom in the Middle?

Why the f$&k would you think of Malcom in the Middle?

Not even sweats can hide all that sexy!

Lol that driver is..


Here's one reason to quit smoking that you probably never thought of up until now. The list is apparently never-ending.

I'll have to use this on my mom.

this is funny.. it's a compliment though

A compliment? A man who thinks that you're only good enough in life to spread your legs is not giving you a compliment, he's just searching for a way to dump his seed somewhere. Compliment... djeezes. And if you think that all hookers are devastating beauties, think again.

he was probably joking with her. it's actually pretty funny. : )

First step in not looking like a skank: Get rid of the damn cigarette.

Cigarette does not equal skank. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make her skanky.

I've only ever seen a woman with a cigarette look halfway-passable in movies. I can't really judge men on this, but probably the same.

Cigarettes do make girls look skanky. Think about it, and you'll figure it out. The saying "if she smokes, she pokes" , was not just some random statement, it has held weight through out time.

That's just a saying. very cliche and it holds no weight. Just because a girl smokes doesn't mean she's a skank.

yeah trust the guy with the wierd eyes i bet hes had plenty of experiance in this matter

Wow, this is absolute ludicrous and I can't believe someone would believe in shot like this... LMAO

23- Sounds like you've some experience in this? Do you like trying to get laid with skanks? Is this the only way you get laid cause how severely you've been beaten by the ugly stick?

Do we really need to go into the reasons and insecurities of why people start smoking. Given these reasons, of course the saying is true. There was no ugly stick. My daughter got all my good looks, there were none left over for me. Thats her playing in the dish washer, she's a cutie.

I KINDA get what people are saying. smoking doesn't automatically mean you are a skank. it just appears that way, and for good reasons. for a lot of people (myself included) smoking=dirty. also, look at old black and white movies where girls are standing around smoking in their glamorous, ultra sexy dresses and hair and red lipstick. that=allure. so, dirty+allure = skanky. unfair, I know, but undoubtedly true. however, this is no reason for any female to have to endure being hit on by an icky truck driver. ew.

52 - black and white with red lipstick?? lol jk I know what you mean and I totally agree. Just had to be a grammar Nazi. It's an impulse.

And the FML being? You don't look like a hooker - he only asked about price because he misunderstood what you meant by working. You simply look hot enough to pay for. So good for you and f the old man's life for making such an embarrassing mistake.